What's the Difference between Hell House the Book and The Legend of Hell House the Movie?


Hell House

Released: 1971
Author: Richard Matheson

The Legend of Hell House

Released: 1973
Director: John Hugh
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In the Book In the Movie
Dr. Lionel Barrett
Dr. Lionel Barrett
Portrayed by: Clive Revill
Benjamin Franklin Fischer
Benjamin Franklin Fischer
Portrayed by: Roddy McDowall
Florence Tanner
Florence Tanner
Portrayed by: Pamela Franklin
Edith Barrett
Ann Barrett
Portrayed by: Gayle Hunnicutt
Emeric Belasco
Emeric Belasco
Portrayed by: Michael Gough
The Legend of Hell House Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Belasco's body is in a room beneath the chapel. Belasco's body is in a room behind the chapel.
   Belasco's ghost holds conversations with Florence. Belasco's ghost can only repeat "Help me" several times.
   Several ghosts appear to the guests. No ghosts appear to the guests.
   Barrett's wife is led by his ghost to find his body. Only Barrett's voice leads her to his body.
   Barrett's wife leaves Fischer alone in the house to investigate after the house is cleared. She returns to save his life. Barrett's wife never leaves the house and Fischer doesn't have to be rescued.
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