What's the Difference between Hell House the Book and The Legend of Hell House the Movie?


Hell House

Released: 1971
Author: Richard Matheson

The Legend of Hell House

Released: 1973
Director: John Hugh
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In the Book In the Movie
Dr. Lionel Barrett
Dr. Lionel Barrett
Portrayed by: Clive Revill
Benjamin Franklin Fischer
Benjamin Franklin Fischer
Portrayed by: Roddy McDowall
Florence Tanner
Florence Tanner
Portrayed by: Pamela Franklin
Edith Barrett
Ann Barrett
Portrayed by: Gayle Hunnicutt
Emeric Belasco
Emeric Belasco
Portrayed by: Michael Gough
The Legend of Hell House Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   The movie is set in Maine in the United States and features a team of American investigators The movie is set in England and features a of team of British investigators
   Barrett is crippled and walks with a cane He isn't crippled and walks without any aid
   The Belasco house has a swimming pool and a steam room This is not shown
   Lionel is attacked by a black, sludge-like substance after Edith leaves him alone in the steam room and she accidentally locks the door. He is saved at the last minute by Fischer This doesn't happen
   Tanner finds the mutilated body of the black cat that attacked her in the chapel just before she dies She finds it in her shower
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