What's the Difference between Forrest Gump the Book and Forrest Gump the Movie?


Forrest Gump

Released: 1986
Author: Winston Groom

Forrest Gump

Released: 1994
Director: Robert Zemeckis
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In the Book In the Movie
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump
Portrayed by: Tom Hanks
Jenny Curran
Jenny Curran
Portrayed by: Robin Wright
ms gump
ms gump
We comin out wit them dicks nigga
We comin out wit them dicks nigga
Portrayed by: Nicholas Cage
Ur mom gay
This Character does not appear.
forest mom gay ;P
forest mom gay ;P
Portrayed by: Jeff Goldblum
Forrest Gump Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Forrest has sex with Jenny on several different occasions and never impregnates her, although she does end up pregnant with her husband's child, who gets sent off to Forrest as a teenager when both she and her husband mysteriously die (at the start of the second book). Forrest has sex with Jenny just once, and as a result Jenny gives birth to Little Forrest, whom he first sees shortly before Jenny's impending death, and later raises by himself from about Kindergarten age.
   Forrest's mother doesn't die until the beginning of the second book, probably only to keep continuity with the movie (Winston Groom mostly wrote the second book as a Take That to the filmmakers who had wronged him with "Hollywood accounting" and mangling of the source text, which also explains why Groom hasn't allowed a second movie). Forrest's mother dies.
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