What's the Difference between Flashforward the Book and Flashforward the TV Show?

Science Fiction


Released: 1999
Author: Robert Sawyer


Released: 2009
Creator: Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer
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Flashforward Book vs TV Show
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   The story is centered on Dr. Lloyd Simcoe. While Dr. Lloyd Simcoe is part of the story, the main character is FBI Special Agent Mark Benford.
   Simcoe works at CERN in Switzerland. He works at Stanford.
   Dr. Simcoe's research partner, Theo Procopides, doesn't have a flashforward and assumes that he will be dead in the future. This character doesn't appear. Benford's parter, Demetri Fordis Noh doesn't have a flashforward.
   The world blacks out for less than 2 minutes. The blackout last 137 seconds.
   During the flashforward people saw 21 years into the future. They only saw 6 months in the future.
   Simcoe is enganged to Michiko who also works at CERN. He is not engaged, but sees the future where he has a relationship with Benford's wife.
   The flashforward was created because of an experiment at CERN coinciding with a burst of neutrinos from a supernova. It was a coincidence. The flashforward was engineered and had been tested before.
   Lloyd works at CERN. He works at NLAP.
   During the blackout nothing was recorded by any cameras. Recordings were made and the FBI uses them to find Suspect Zero.
   A second flashforward occurs 21 years later, and this time it lasts for an hour. No one sees anything this time. The second flashforward occurs 6 months later, and everyone sees about 10 years into the future.
   CERN attempts to duplicate their experiment 6 months later, but no blackout occurs. They don't duplicate the experiment.
   Lloyd is childless, but his Fiance has a daughter, Timiko who is killed during the blackout. Lloyd was divorced, and his ex wife was killed in the blackout. He has a son with Autism who survives.
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