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In the In the
Bethany Hamilton
Bethany Hamilton
Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer
The Doctor
The Doctor
Shohei Sugiyama
John Clark
Mai Kishikawa
Masako Sugiyama
Beverly Clark
Toyoko Takahashi
Tomio Aoki
Link Peterson
Tamako Tamura
Miss Mitzi
Tokichi Hattori
Chikage Sugiyama
Jenna Clark
Masahiro Tanaka
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In the In the
   Tomio Aoki and Toyoko are interfered with by one of Aoki's dance rivals; it is subtle, but still noticed by the judges. The other couple is not chosen to go to the next round. Link is blatantly interfered with by the man who stole one of his former dance partners. A judge notices this and disqualifies them.
   Shohei Sugiyama and his wife argue a bit about his dancing after the competition. He says he is done with dancing. John and Beverly argue in the parking lot. Beverly is angry and dismissive of John's desire to dance. John says he was ashamed of trying to be happier when they already have so much.
   Aoki's co-workers mock his appearance in the newspaper after the competition. Shohei tells them they need to be more respectful. Link and John's office-mates mock Link's appearance in the newspaper the next day. Link tells them to fuck off and that football sucks.
   Shoehi Sugiyama reads Mai's letter; in it she talks about her failure as a dancer and as a dance partner. She tells him that he has inspired her to find another partner and continue dance competition. John reads a letter from Paulina. She talks about her failure at Blackpool and her breakup with her partner.
   While Shihie and hie wife argue, their daughter comes into the room and insists that her father teach her mother how to dance. She leads them out into the small back yard where he teaches his wife some simple dance steps. Beverly reads Paulina's letter after John gives it to her. Jenna (John's daughter) comes out into the yard and tells her dad to teach her mom how to dance. He refuses to do so.
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