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Bethany Hamilton
Bethany Hamilton
Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer
The Doctor
The Doctor
Shohei Sugiyama
John Clark
Mai Kishikawa
Masako Sugiyama
Beverly Clark
Toyoko Takahashi
Tomio Aoki
Link Peterson
Tamako Tamura
Miss Mitzi
Tokichi Hattori
Chikage Sugiyama
Jenna Clark
Masahiro Tanaka
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In the In the
   Tomio Aoki is one of Shobei Sugiyama's co-workers. He secretly enjoys ballroom dancing while wearing a wig, but is mocked by other people in the office, behind his back, for his rigid ways at work. Link enjoys dancing and is good at it. He keeps it a secret from his friends and co-workers because he would not fit in otherwise.
   Tamako Tamura is one of the instructors at the Kishikawa dance studio. She is an older woman who is kind, a skilled dancer and strict when required. She has no flaws. Miss Mitzi owns Miss Mitzi's Dance School; she is an alcoholic who sneaks drinks during class.
   Tokichi Hattori is learning to dance to impress his wife. Chic is an insecure, closeted, gay man who is learning to dance, to “impress the ladies”.
   No voice overs. The film contains voice overs by John to guide the plot.
   Mai has an argument with her father about working in his dance studio instead of actively competing in dance competitions. Mai is disrespectful of her students and hates her work. Mitzi asks Paulina to give her new students a dancing demonstration; she dances with a partner to Moon River. Paulina is obviously bored with her job.
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