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   The 1996 Japanese film, Shall We Dancu?, is 136 minutes long. The Miramax version imported to American cinemas had 18 minutes cut from the running length The American version of Shall We Dance?, is 106 minutes long and seems to be an adaptation of the cut down Japanese version imported for US cinemas.
   Shohei is an accountant for a large Japanese firm in Tokyo. He has a wife, daughter and a new mortgage. John Clark is a lawyer that prepares wills for a living. He has a teen son and daughter. He is bored with his life.
   Masaka Sugiyama is a wife who recently returned to work after raising their teen daughter, to help with the mortgage. Beverly Clark is an executive at a large store. She has a different schedule from her husband.
   Mai Kishikawa is an accomplished ballroom dancer but works in her father's dance studio as an instructor. She is bitter about this and does not respect her students for the most part. Paulina works at Miss Mitzi's Dance School. She is bored with her work.
   Toyoko Takahashi is a middle aged widow who works two jobs to support her daughter. She is a bit plump, extroverted and with an occasional bad temper. Bobbie is a single woman who practices at the Dance School. She is outspoken and gossipy. She is looking for a new dance partner for an upcoming competition.
   Tomio Aoki is one of Shobei Sugiyama's co-workers. He secretly enjoys ballroom dancing while wearing a wig, but is mocked by other people in the office, behind his back, for his rigid ways at work. Link enjoys dancing and is good at it. He keeps it a secret from his friends and co-workers because he would not fit in otherwise.
   Tamako Tamura is one of the instructors at the Kishikawa dance studio. She is an older woman who is kind, a skilled dancer and strict when required. She has no flaws. Miss Mitzi owns Miss Mitzi's Dance School; she is an alcoholic who sneaks drinks during class.
   Tokichi Hattori is learning to dance to impress his wife. Chic is an insecure, closeted, gay man who is learning to dance, to “impress the ladies”.
   No voice overs. The film contains voice overs by John to guide the plot.
   Mai has an argument with her father about working in his dance studio instead of actively competing in dance competitions. Mai is disrespectful of her students and hates her work. Mitzi asks Paulina to give her new students a dancing demonstration; she dances with a partner to Moon River. Paulina is obviously bored with her job.
   Toyoko talks about an old man dancing with Mia. She says he is a slob that Mia detests. When he figures this out, she says he will stop taking dancing lessons. Bobbie goes out with the new dance students. She tells them about how Paulina danced at Blackpool last year and then was dumped by her partner. Bobbie says Paulina is mad at the world and hates her job.
   While taking a break from practice with the other beginners, Shohei notices Mai frequently staring out of the window into the night. Mitzi and her beginner students make progress and have a good time. Meanwhile John watches Paulina practicing dances moves in an adjacent room and being frustrated.
   Masako misses her husband when he is not home while taking dancing lessons. John's daughter notices that her dad seems happier lately, Beverly is surprised by this.
   This does not happen in the 1996 film version. Beverly listens to a sad co-worker crying about how she thinks her husband is cheating on her. She tries to assure the woman that her husband might not be cheating. Another co-worker says that the woman will be divorced by Easter.
   Tomio Aoki is not recognized by Shohei until after his wig is pulled off during an argument with Toyoko. John goes to the Dance School and notices his co-worker Link dancing with a younger girl while wearing a wig and makeup.
   Mrs. Sugiyama never asks her husband about his activities outside of the house. It takes a while for Beverly to figure out why her husband is out late several times a week. When she asks him about it, he lies to her about what he is doing. He gets defensive when she questions him.
   The private detective that Mrs. Sugiyama hires to find out what her husband is up to is polite and tries to assure her that her husband might not be cheating. She is hesitant about paying so much for an investigation. The detective is rather sleazy and annoying. He will investigate for a reduced fee, but if he finds evidence of cheating, it will cost more.
   Shohei Sugiyama meets his two friends at a dance hall. While his friends dance, Shohei ineptly dances with an older woman and steps on her feet, twice. His friends have a good time, he does not. John goes to a wild dance club and sees Link dancing with his wig on. Another man steals Link's dance partner and she breaks up with him. Peter meets Mitzi at the dance hall, she tells him she had a wonderful dance partner in her husband of 15 years. Mitzi drags John out onto the dance floor for a dance.
   Shohei Sugiyama goes to a club with Tomio Aoki and ends up meeting and talking to Tomako and Toyoko. Tomako is a part time employee at the dance hall. They see Mai meeting a well known dancer; she is meeting him to discuss being dance partners. Mai is dismissive of the dancers at the club; the man she is meeting is offended by her disrespectful attitude towards them. He refuses to be her partner even though she is very skilled. This does not happen in the 2004 film.
   This does not happen in the 1996 film. Mr. Sugiyama only has a teenage daughter, no son. John runs into his son in the city while on the way to dance class. They go to a club where his son dances with a girl. John is invited by a much younger girl onto the dance floor. He says he does want to dance but then leaves her to go to Mitzi's to practice.
   Toyodo is offended by Masahiro Tanaka's excessive sweating. He is not engaged to anyone and is dancing to lose weight on his doctor's advice as he is overweight and diabetic. Bobbie is disgusted by Vern's excessive sweating. She screams at him and accuses him of not actually being engaged. Vern admits to not being engaged yet as he wants to lose weight prior to asking her.
   Mr. Sugiyama invites Mia out for dinner after a class. She refuses and says if he is taking lessons to just be closer to her, he should stop. After dance class Paulina and John go out for food.
   Mai's parents were accomplished amateur dancers and took her with to Blackpool to watch the competition when she was eight years old. She was inspired by a young couple who danced well, but dropped out of the competition when they bumped into another couple. The man protected his partner as she fell. Paulina's parents owned a dry cleaner. She was inspired to dance when she met a dancer who was picking up her costume. The dancer invited Paulina to a ballroom dance to watch. Her parents were not supportive of her dreams.
   Mai gives a private lesson on the far side of the dance floor to Shohei Sugiyama while the other students are dancing. She teaches him to stand against his partner and make a grand opening step as the dance starts. It is intimate and professional. Paulina and John meet alone at the Dance School for private practice the day prior to the competition. They practice a passionate and sensuous dance.
   At the competition Tokichi Hattori is dancing with his wife, Tanaka is dancing with Hattori's niece. Mai and Tamako are happy and optimistic about the dance. At the competition, Vern is dancing with his very attractive and slender fiancee. Chic dances with the sister of one of his friends. Mitzi is pessimistic about their student's chances at the competition.
   Tomio Aoki and Toyoko are interfered with by one of Aoki's dance rivals; it is subtle, but still noticed by the judges. The other couple is not chosen to go to the next round. Link is blatantly interfered with by the man who stole one of his former dance partners. A judge notices this and disqualifies them.
   Shohei Sugiyama and his wife argue a bit about his dancing after the competition. He says he is done with dancing. John and Beverly argue in the parking lot. Beverly is angry and dismissive of John's desire to dance. John says he was ashamed of trying to be happier when they already have so much.
   Aoki's co-workers mock his appearance in the newspaper after the competition. Shohei tells them they need to be more respectful. Link and John's office-mates mock Link's appearance in the newspaper the next day. Link tells them to fuck off and that football sucks.
   Shoehi Sugiyama reads Mai's letter; in it she talks about her failure as a dancer and as a dance partner. She tells him that he has inspired her to find another partner and continue dance competition. John reads a letter from Paulina. She talks about her failure at Blackpool and her breakup with her partner.
   While Shihie and hie wife argue, their daughter comes into the room and insists that her father teach her mother how to dance. She leads them out into the small back yard where he teaches his wife some simple dance steps. Beverly reads Paulina's letter after John gives it to her. Jenna (John's daughter) comes out into the yard and tells her dad to teach her mom how to dance. He refuses to do so.
   The film ends at the farewell party. Mai is in the middle of the dance floor lit by a spotlight as another light pans through the crowd. Shohei Sugiyama arrives and Mai asks “Shall we dance?”. The film ends a year later with Vern and his fiancee getting married, Mitzi with a new dance partner, Chic dancing with his boyfriend at a club, Link and Bobbie dancing at her apartment, Paulina dancing with a partner at Blackpool and the detective taking dancing lessons.
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