What's the Difference between City of Bones the Book and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones the Movie?


City of Bones

Released: 2007
Author: Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Released: 2013
Director: Harald Zwart
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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Jocelyn Fray was brought to an abandoned building while still in coma She was brought to the basement of The Institute. Without anyone knowing
   Clary doesn't know she has a gift of drawing new runes She quickly learned and drew a rune to freeze demons and she also drew a rune that has the same effect of telekinesis.
   Clary fought the demon in the apartment and shoved a sensor in it's mouth killing it Clary orchestrated a gas explosion and wasn't able to kill it, Jace suddenly arrived killing the demon with a seraph blade
   Clary and Jace was picked up by a Silent Brother on a carriage glamored as a car from the Institute They went there on their own
   When Clary went back to their apartment to pick up some of her stuff, the apartment was totally empty It was still full of their things and there was clutter everywhere.
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Some of the reviews I read you can tell they didn't read the book. So yes, I think this Twilight meets Harry Potter combination could have been just what we needed for another fun series. At this point, if it doesn't get better production and direction for another movie, where is Joss Whedon? I would be game to a TV series.
20 Feb 2015 Anonymous
I loved the books!!! i stumbled upon these books and never knew about the series. So, i was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed City of Bones. When the movie was announced to be released, I couldn't wait to see it. Sad to say I was totally confused. It was almost like the telephone game. Someone retold the story and just managed to mess up key points..and lose them. The casting for the men wasn't so bad except for Jace. I don't think that actor was a great choice and the women were not
20 Feb 2015 Anonymous
Loved the movie!!! I have read many books that were made into a movie and they were not the same, but the movie was well done. I felt that Lily and Jamie had great chemistry, something they also shared in their private life. Please continue making more!!!!
12 Jan 2015 Anonymous
in the movie the got the cup and kept it in the book valintine has the book in idris
02 Nov 2014 Anonymous
I have never been more disappointed! This movie was absolutely horrible! Like what the hell is up with the cast for example! Simon is there nothing wrong with, and I can live with Jace, but Clary?! NOPE! Her hair is supposed to be wild and red. This was obviously dyed some reddish brown colour. Arg! And so may important things were left out or changed. Don't even get me started on the ending! I'm so sad!
19 Oct 2014 Anonymous
Who would like to collaborate and do a remake fan film?
19 Aug 2014 Anonymous
Totally agreed. I think the casting in the whole movie was absolutely terrible I mean Isabelle is sometimes shorter than Clary. What is that???? And Clary's hair is not the shade of red I thought it would be I mean that does not look firey at all. I think Simon was about the only think good out of the whole movie. And my goodness don't even get me started on the soundtracks for the movie! That music totally killed some scenes especially the kissing scene between Jace and Clary. I think Lily Coll
27 Jul 2014 Anonymous
After clary finds out luke is a werewolf in the movie he actually does explain the circle and him and Valentine's background a bit
02 Jul 2014 Anonymous
I am so glad other people agree with me that this movie was just plain terrible. Lilly Collins was fucking horrible, it was nothing like the book, which was AMAZING, for the record- and it just didn't do the series justice. It's one of my favorite series EVER and this movie was just a GIANT DISSAPOINTMENT OF CATASTROPHIC PROPORTIONS. Where the fuck was Cassandra Clare? HOW COULD SHE HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN?!? This movie made me want to cry, it was so bad. God dammit.
02 Jun 2014 Anonymous
I would like to see them redo The City of Bones movies with the cast that was chosen already. Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower have amazing chemistry. Jamie plays the perfect Jace. And even though Jonathan Rhys Meyers has brown hair and the complete opposite of what Valentine is described as in the books I think Jonathan portrays Valentine well. He gives off this dangerous, charming, strong character and that is who Valentine is. This trilogy could do as well as Twilight if they keep to the p
26 May 2014 Anonymous

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