What's the Difference between All You Need is Kill the Book and Edge of Tomorrow the Movie?

Science Fiction

All You Need is Kill

Released: 2004
Author: Hiroshi Sakurazaka

Edge of Tomorrow

Released: 2014
Director: Doug Liman
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In the Book In the Movie
Keiji Kiriya
William Cage
Portrayed by: Tom Cruise
Rita Vrataski
Rita Vrataski
Portrayed by: Emiliy Blunt
Ralph Murdoch
This Character does not appear.
Shasta Raylle
This Character does not appear.
Rachel Kisaragi
This Character does not appear.
This Character does not appear.
Dr. Carter
Chief Breeder
This Character does not appear.
Sgt Bartolome Ferrell
Master Sergeant Farell
Portrayed by: Bill Paxton
Edge of Tomorrow Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Prior to the battle Kiriya's UDF unit is punished (for a liquor raid) with physical training consisting of isometric pushups. Rita and the US Special Forces use a exercise called Ma Bu. There is no liquor raid in the movie, the UDF soldiers do not use isometric pushups and Rita is not shown using Ma Bu.
   The UDF is segregated with male and females in separate units. Male and female UDF soldiers serve in the same units.
   Rita acts with autonomy on and off the battle field. She is revered by the troops and inspires them wherever she goes, especially in battle. She hates the color red, but uses her all red armor to stand out on the battlefield. Rita is respected as a soldier but is mocked with her full-metal-bitch nickname. She is treated by some as a hero but shows no heroics on the battlefield (it all goes to Cruise's charactor).
   The soldiers speak Burst (Burst English); a pared down vocabulary with fewer grammar irregularities. It was created to deal with communication problems in an army comprised of soldiers from dozens of countries. The soldiers speak standard English.
   Rita learns to fight Mimics and stop the loops during her 211 loop battle in Florida prior to fighting in Japan. She goes on to fight on other battlefields. She frequently loops after killing/dying while fighting a server Mimic, then ends the loop by eliminating the server and backup Mimics in the "next" battle. She is not aware of anyone else looping until Kiriya tells her about his loops. Rita looped for 211 days in the Battle of Verdun. The loops stopped when she received a blood transfusion after being wounded, not killed.
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