What's the Difference between All You Need is Kill the Book and Edge of Tomorrow the Movie?

Science Fiction

All You Need is Kill

Released: 2004
Author: Hiroshi Sakurazaka

Edge of Tomorrow

Released: 2014
Director: Doug Liman
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In the Book In the Movie
Keiji Kiriya
William Cage
Portrayed by: Tom Cruise
Rita Vrataski
Rita Vrataski
Portrayed by: Emiliy Blunt
Ralph Murdoch
This Character does not appear.
Shasta Raylle
This Character does not appear.
Rachel Kisaragi
This Character does not appear.
This Character does not appear.
Dr. Carter
Chief Breeder
This Character does not appear.
Sgt Bartolome Ferrell
Master Sergeant Farell
Portrayed by: Bill Paxton
Edge of Tomorrow Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Keiji is a young Japanese man and new volunteer soldier. Cage is Caucasian, a demoted officer in his 40's/50's, a coward, sent unprepared into battle.
   Rita (assumed name) is 19 years old, in military for 3 years, currently in special forces. Known as the Full Metal Bitch or Mad Wargarita. She is short and skinny with a flat chest and rust colored hair; she is described as looking like a puppy. Rita is in her late 20's/ early 30's, known as the Full Metal Bitch or the Angel of Verdun. She is tall, slender and full figured with brown hair.
   The armored Jackets protect the soldier's entire body including face, eyes and lungs. Armed with 20mm rifle, 20 round pile driver and rocket launcher. Jacket is an exoskeleton which leaves face and body exposed. Armed with small caliber weapons and rockets.
   The battle takes place on Kotoiushi Island, Japan. The Mimics attack from the ocean The battle takes place in Europe, the UDF attacks from England. The Mimics attack on land or sea.
   Mimics are ecoforming bots from a star system 40 light years away designed to re-form the Earth for alien use. The bots mimic starfish from the ocean and look like a bloated frog with four limbs and a tail. They launch weapons (javelins) from their body. They excrete a dangerous sand like substance when injured or the exoskeleton is opened. The Mimics are multi-limbed with a head/mouth and will bleed when cut open. Nothing is revealed about their home world.
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