What's the Difference between Aliens for Breakfast the Book and Aliens for Breakfast the Movie?


Aliens for Breakfast

Released: 1988
Author: Jonathan Etra

Aliens for Breakfast

Released: 1994
Director: John T. Kretchmer
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In the Book In the Movie
Richard Bickerstaff
Richard Bickerstaff
Portrayed by: Ben Savage
Portrayed by: Sinbad
Mrs. Bickerstaff
Mrs. Bickerstaff
Portrayed by: Terri Garr
Portrayed by: Jerrett Lennon
Portrayed by: Zachary Bostrom
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Nalona Herron
Aliens for Breakfast Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Dorf has blonde hair Dorf has brown hair.
   Dorf don't almost find out about Aric. Dorf almost do find out about Aric, when he see's something moving in Richard's vest pocket.
   Dorf snatched the box of red pepper flakes,when Richard showed it to him. And ate the entire box,(while Henry was also there) and turned bright red and bust out his clothes and turned to a huge octopus monster with no face that almost destroyed the boys bathroom. then he blew up. And that was it. Richard show Dorf his present which was the bag of pepper flaskes, Dorf ate the entire bag( while Henry was inside this house). Dorf was then acting like he was gonna blow up but then disappeared. But Dorf had another trick up his sleeve by appearing again coming out the house behind Henry, talking big talk. Richard then start saying stuff to make Dorf angry, he then start getting angry and turn into a purple monster with a crazy face with arms like an octopus with not as many, plus he is not huge he is he same height as Dorf human form. Aric then starts to battle him. He then can't handle the earth atmosphere in his true form as a monster then then start spinning intil he disappears for good. Plus all this took place in Henry's front Yard by the picnic table, while they were getting ready for the party.
   Richard wears button down shirts, with patterns. Richard wears stripes shirts under his vest.
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