What's the Difference between Aliens for Breakfast the Book and Aliens for Breakfast the Movie?


Aliens for Breakfast

Released: 1988
Author: Jonathan Etra

Aliens for Breakfast

Released: 1994
Director: John T. Kretchmer
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In the Book In the Movie
Richard Bickerstaff
Richard Bickerstaff
Portrayed by: Ben Savage
Portrayed by: Sinbad
Mrs. Bickerstaff
Mrs. Bickerstaff
Portrayed by: Terri Garr
Portrayed by: Jerrett Lennon
Portrayed by: Zachary Bostrom
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Nalona Herron
Aliens for Breakfast Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   When Richard empty all the food out in the kitchen to find to stop Dorf, Richard suggested to Aric to go to the mall and find the food, since it wasn't at home. Plus Richard mom was still at work. Richard don't say nothing about cleaning up the mess. Plus this happens later on the first day, which was Thursday way after he met Aric that morning . Before Richard empty all the food out of the kitchen to find to stop Dorf. Richard mom had just came from Grocery shopping after work, Richard suggested he would put up the Grocery while she leave the house and go do something else. After Richard empty out all the food all over the kitchen and still hadn't found the food to stop Dorf and suggested to go to the mall to get the right food, he also said to Aric they should clean up the mess, and Aric said they need to get to the mall fast! This happens later on the 2nd day, a day after he met Aric and this was on Friday.
   Henry has brown curly hair. Henry has straight dark hair.
   In the book, you read the Aric sleeping in Richards Gym shorts, while he took gym. There's no scenes where Richard is in Gym class.
   When Dorf is defeated Richard's bleeding finger has healed, and he don't need the band aids anymore at the end of the story. when Dorf is defeated Richard's feet and hands stop being blue and turns back to their normal skin color, at the end of the movie.
   Richard has red straight hair and wear glasses. Richard has curly brown hair and don't wear glasses.
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