What's the Difference between Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the Book and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the Movie?


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Released: 2005
Author: J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Released: 2009
Director: David Yates
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Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Portrayed by: Daniel Radcliffe
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The Dursleys are still part of Harry's life. He has again spent the summer with them. Dumbledore goes to Privet Drive to pick him up before the start of school. The Dursleys do not appear. Harry meets Dumbledore at a restaurant in the train station.
   Narcissa Malfoy asks Snape to swear the Unbreakable vow. Snape agrees to it instantlly. Narcissa doesn't suggest it, Belatrix does. Snape waffles a bit before agreeing to it.
   Harry is frozen by Dumbledore just before he is killed by Snape. He is under the invisibility cloak so no one can see him there. Dumbledore tells Harry to wait a floor below, and he does.
   This did not happen in the slightest. The Death Eaters attack the Weasley home over the Christmas break, destroying the home in the process.
   It is Nymphadora Tonks who rescues Harry from the train after he was petrified by Draco Malfoy.He walks with her till the Hogwarts' gates and is escorted by Snape from there. Luna Lovegood rescues Harry and they reach Hogwarts grounds using the Thestral pulled carriages .
   When Harry follows Draco to the bathroom, he finds him talking to Moaning Myrtle, who remains there for the ensuing fight. She also screams when it's over, believing Draco to be dead. Moaning Myrtle does not appear in the movie at all.
   To get to the cave where the horcrux is, Harry and Dumbledore apparate from Hogsmeade. They apparate from Hogwarts.
   Malfoy goes to Borgin and Burkes alone. He goes with his mother and several death eaters.
   Harry gives evidence as to why he believes Malfoy cursed Katie Bell. He says ''I just know''.
   The Minister Of Magic talks to the Prime Minister when he comes into office This doesn’t happen
   Harry goes in alone. Ginny and Harry go into the Room of Requirement to dispose of the Potions book.
   While Harry is chasing Snape after the latter has killed Dumbledore, there is a battle going on in the school between the students and teachers and the Death Eaters. There isn't.
   The school has a funeral for Dumbledore. This isn't shown.
   Snape is revealed to be the Half Blood prince. He called himself this because his mother was a muggle, and her maiden name was Prince. So he was a half wizard half muggle by the name of Prince. Snape says, "I am the Half Blood Prince" but doesn't explain why he gave himself the name.
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