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Arthur saves the dog 'spider' from drowning in the swamp
This does not happen in the movie
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in 1985 Eddie went to Lake Placid to train in downhill skiing as it was easier to place near the top and qualify in the USA than in Europe.
Eddie never goes to Lake Placid.
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Idgie and Big George are accused of murdering Frank several years after it happened.
They are immediatetly suspects.
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The cover above show a picture of dannny as if he's a murder or trouble maker,or just evil.
Danny in the movie looks like an average kid.
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Of the black employees working in research at Langley, only 5 were engineers and 16 titled as mathematicians. Floyd Thompson wrote to James Webb lamenting that “very few Negroes” were applying for science and engineering positions at Langley due to the segregated nature of the surrounding community.
Not addressed in the movie.
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Angie McCain and Janelle Everett suffer seizures.
Joe McCallister adn Norrie have seizures.
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R had been a businessman prior to being killed and becoming a zombie.
He was unemployed.
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Jonathan Harker escapes Dracula's castle just after Dracula departs for England, and is never directly attacked by the vampire brides.
Jonathan Harker is kept captive in the castle for a long time after Dracula leaves for England, with the vampire brides periodically drinking his blood before he finally escapes.
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Candy and Homer have sex when they think Wally is dead. Candy has a baby, but when Wally returns from the war they lie and tell him that Homer adopted the baby.
While Candy and Homer have sex, there is no pregnancy.
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sally last name is waltman.
sally last name is matthews.
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