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The fire department has a mechanical hound which is able to track down Montag during the climax until he goes into the river.
The hound does not appear.
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After Ralph dies, the story continues with Justine and Ranier's eventual marriage.
The story ends with Ralph's death.
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Smith uses a grenade to blow up a truck to create a diversion for their escape.
They rig a bomb that the Nazis will trigger in the warehouse.
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Rudy recieves an updated Great Benefit policy that has now excluded the bone marrow transplant from its coverage, even though this came after the policy was purchased by the Blacks.
This doesn't happen.
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Charles checks himself into a New-Path rehabilitation center to indicate that he is a heavy addict.
It is already established that Charles is addicted.
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Pat and his friends get a ride on the Asian Invasion bus to return from the Eagles game.
This doesn't happen.
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When Michael and Hanna exchange names it is on the 6th visit. When she leanrs his name she makes reference to him being a collage boy- he corrects her and says high school, she then assumes he is 17 rather than 15. He then says he is in 10th grade but may have to repeat because he does not study hard enough. She becomes enraged and kicks him out until he studies hard.
It is the 3rd visit when they exchange names, she does not make reference to his age, talk about school or kick him out.
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Dorothy throws a bucket of water on the Witch
She pulls the fire alarm, causing sprinklers to go off
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Minnie believes Cecelia has a drinking problem because she is always sleeping and sneaking upstairs to drink. She finds out she is restng to avoid a miscarriage and the drink is a concoction she bought to help avoid miscarriages.
No mention in the movie.
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Lady Phillippa, after being forced to marry Sir Ralph, eventually moves to the priory, has an affair with Merthin, then gets pregnant and has to go back to Ralph so he will think the child is his. Hers and Merthin's son, Roland, is thus raised as Ralph's 2nd son. Phillippa survives to the end of the book, taking pleasure in her daughter, son, and stepson.
In the miniseries, after being forced to marry Sir Ralph, Lady Phillippa slits her wrists and dies on their wedding night rather than sleep with him.
  • World Without End (2012)
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • Where Eagles Dare
  • The Thorn Birds
  • The Rainmaker
  • The Wiz
  • The Help
  • The Reader
  • Fahrenheit 451

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