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Before going to Endor, there are scenes of Luke returning to Dagobah where Yoda dies and Obi-Wan's ghost tells him of his sister, the Emperor arriving on the Death Star and the meeting of the mission to Endor.
All of these are omitted.
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Brett and Charity Chambers appear throughout the story.
Once they leave on their trip, they are not heard from again.
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There is not a lot of profanity or it is not as violent profanity.
The profanity is very prominent and violent.
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The Golden Orchid award is a HUGE deal in the books. Spencer wins, but blurts out that she cheated and of course, loses and gets in trouble at school and home.
She wins. No repercussions.
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Chris Hughes is a student of Professor Edward Johnston.
Chris Johnston is the son of Professor Edward Johnston.
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William Hamleigh on his own discovers Aliena and Richard; Prior Philip keeps their secret
Prior Phillip foolishly tells the Hamleigh family where to find Aliena and Richard when they are hiding at Shiring.
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Chris tells Billy to get the pig's blood.
Billy surprises Chris by taking her to the farm where she kills the pig and collects it's blood.
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The Warden rips down the poster, revealing the hole in the wall.
He throws a rock in frustration and realizes it went through. He then tears it open and finds the hole.
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It is Nymphadora Tonks who rescues Harry from the train after he was petrified by Draco Malfoy.He walks with her till the Hogwarts' gates and is escorted by Snape from there.
Luna Lovegood rescues Harry and they reach Hogwarts grounds using the Thestral pulled carriages .
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During the first day of school, Sarah was taking pictures of John.
She does not take pictures.
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