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Ben sees the clown turning into the mummy standing on the frozen river one winter.
Stan sees the mummy in an old house in the woods when he hears a voice calling his name.
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There is no mentioning in the book that the wildlings' corpses have been arranged in any pattern.
In the TV series, Will discovers the wildlings massacred and their bodies brutalized. In the book, he says they appeared to be sleeping and likely froze to death.
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When Elphaba and Galinda first meet the Wizard, they demand that he take action in favour of the Animals, but he dismisses them.
The Wizard tricks Elphaba into giving wings to a group of monkeys that he intends to use as spies.
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Aaron does not have a speech impediment.
He has a terrible stuttering problem.
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Vic calls home from his trip but is unable to reach Donna. He calls the cops to check, and the do and find the house vandalized by Kemp. Vic then returns.
Vic returns because his trip is over. He finds the vandalism when he returns.
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Cohaagen has a henchman named Richter who is actually the boyfriend of Lori. He is always after Quaid.
Lori plays the henchman of Cohaagen.
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The Dursleys are still part of Harry's life. He has again spent the summer with them. Dumbledore goes to Privet Drive to pick him up before the start of school.
The Dursleys do not appear. Harry meets Dumbledore at a restaurant in the train station.
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Aunt May has white hair that is always in a bun.
Her hair is brown with some gray. She doesn't wear it in a bun at all.
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Hades was the most godly of the gods.
Hades was a greek Mcjagger with a british accent.
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Jimmy is fired and fades into obscurity.
After Jimmy is fired he becomes addicted to heroin and suffers an overdose and dies.
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  • Total Recall
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  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Primal Fear
  • Dreamgirls

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