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This did happen but it was actually a small force led by Delta operator, Sgt John 'Mace' Macejunas who reached Durant's crash site on foot only to find no sign of the crew or Shughart and Gordon. Sizemore was not part of this group and neither was Hoot who was still pinned down at Crash Site One. The group were also not part of the second Humvee convoy sent out earlier in the day but part of the huge rescue convoy sent into the city that night.
In the rescue convoy of Humvees sent out in a desperate attempt to reach Crash Site Two, they drive around the city unable to reach it so a small team of Delta Operators and Rangers (including SPC Dale Sizemore) commanded by Sgt Norman 'Hoot' Hooten, volunteers to move to the crash site on foot instead.
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Wanda was walking back to her apartment when the seeker annoyed her enough that Mel came through and attacked her. Wanda apologized and walked off; heading back to her apartment.
Wanda was looking over some swamps when the seeker was attacked by Mel. The seeker stuns her and brings her back to the facility where she is held captive.
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Savannah gave John a book about autism, regarding his dad.She already knew she wanted to be a special Ed teacher.
She just mentioned it to John.
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Jack is the narrator.
Anita is the narrator.
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Bella finds out about her baby 17 days after the wedding.
It is only 14 days later.
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Peter develops the web shooters himself. He has to refill them in order to keep shooting webs.
After being bitten by the radioactive spider Peter develops holes in his wrists that shoot spider webs when he curls his fingers into his palm.
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Eugene never asks for a raise.
Cecil asks several times to be paid on par with the white staff, and eventually President Reagan insists that he get the raise.
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Sonny's affair with Lucy Mancini is based on their own biological endowments. He has an unusually large penis, which most women cannot handle. She has an unusually large vagina, and only Sonny can satisfy her.
This is not mentioned.
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Kuklinski's wife is named Barbara.
Her name is Deborah.
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This doesn't happen.
Bernstien tricks a secretary so that he can get by her to see someone.
  • The Godfather
  • Dear John
  • Lee Daniels' The Butler
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
  • All the President's Men
  • The Iceman
  • The Paperboy
  • Spider-Man
  • Black Hawk Down
  • The Host

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