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Craig meets Bobby when he steps foot in the actual mental ward
Craig meets Bobby in the hospital room, whilst he's waiting to see a doctor and they have a full conversation. Opposite from book
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Annabeth has blonde hair
Annabeth has brown hair
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Eddie's family is never mentioned.
Eddie's deceased brother heavily impacts his personality.
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Just do it
Don't let your memes be memes
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Ramius kills Putin in the kitchen.
Ramius kills Putin in Ramius's private quarters.
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Lana bailed Brandon out of Jail but she had Tom post the bail as she was underage
Lana bailed him out entirely
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On his 159th loop Kiriya stares at Rita when she arrives to watch his platoon punished with isometric pushups. Rita joins the Japanese soldiers and asks Kiriya why he is staring at her. When the exercise ends, he tells her the after-meal tea in Japan is free; she knows he is looping and sobs. She finds him on the battlefield and obtains permission from his SGT to borrow him. They kill many Mimics together as well as the server and backups, but the loop continues.
Cage finds Rita in her training area at the beginning of each loop and convinces her that he is looping. They fight together or evade combat during each loop trying to find a solution to the problem.
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This does not happen in the book.
A jealous Doctor Mead asks the local police to look into Andrea as he is a foreigner. The policeman talks to the sisters who defend his character.
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The book takes place over a considerably longer timeline ie. 18 months
Takes place over shorter timeline
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Lori has an American accent.
She starts with an American accent, and then when she reveals that she isn't really Quaid's wife she speaks with an English accent.
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  • The Hunt for Red October
  • It's Kind of a Funny Story
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Holes
  • Total Recall

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