What's the Difference between True Grit the Book and True Grit the Movie?


True Grit

Released: 1964
Author: Portis, Charles

True Grit

Released: 1969
Director: Hathaway, Henry
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In the Book In the Movie
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn
Portrayed by: John Wayne
Mattie Ross
Mattie Ross
Portrayed by: Kim Darby
La Boeuf
La Boeuf
Portrayed by: Glen Campbell
Ned Pepper
Ned Pepper
Portrayed by: Robert Duvall
Tom Chaney
Tom Chaney
Portrayed by: Jeff Corey
True Grit Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   The book begins with Mattie talking about the death of her father at Tom Chaney's hands. The movie begins prior to the horse buying trip showing Mattie and her parents.
   Mattie is 14 years old and plain looking. Kim Darby is 22 years old and beautiful.
   Cogburn and Mattie ride on Blackie (Mattie's horse) to a doctor after she is bit by a rattlesnake. Cogburn's abuse of Blackie is very extreme. He slashes the horse's hind quarters to induce him to run and later rubs salt into the wound when he slows. Cogburn runs Blackie to death then carries Mattie to a doctor. Cogburn runs Blackie into the ground then shoots him. He then commandeers a horse/wagon to get her to the doctor.
   The book is set in Arkansas. The movie was filmed in more mountainous regions of Colorado.
   Mattie loses her arm as a result of the rattle snake bite. She is still unconscious when Cogburn leaves. Mattie's arm is saved.
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