What's the Difference between World Without End: A Novel (Kingsbridge Book 2) the Book and World Without End (2012) the TV Show?


World Without End: A Novel (Kingsbridge Book 2)

Released: 2007
Author: Ken Follett

World Without End (2012)

Released: 2012
Creator: Scott Free Productions
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In the Book In the TV Show
Sir Thomas Langley
Sir Thomas Langley
Portrayed by: Ben Chaplin
Caris Wooler
Caris Wooler
Portrayed by: Charlotte Riley
Merthin Fitzgerald
Merthin Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Tom Weston-Jones
Portrayed by: Cynthia Nixon
World Without End (2012) Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Prior Anthony drowns when the bridge collapses. Prior Anthony survives the bridge collapse, only to be drowned by his sister, Petranilla.
   Young Gwenda's father is a terrible man who sells her into marriage (in fact, into prostitution) before she escapes. Young Gwenda's father not only sells her into marriage (in fact into prostitution), he is also sexually abusing her the whole time. Because the miniseries is just rapey-er
   In the book, Aunt Petranilla is a schemer who will seemingly do anything to advance her son, Godfwyn, in the church. But she doesn't kill people. In the miniseries, Aunt Petranilla is a multiple murderer, poisoning or drowning at least 4 (or more) characters.
   After running away from the plague (w/ the monks and the cathedral treasures), Godwyn also dies from the plague. Our heroes find the treasures buried in a coffin. Our heroes find the treasure while Godwyn has gone crazy from seeing everyone die, but Godwyn himself survives the plague to continue tormenting the town, and Caris, for the full second half of the story.
   Mattie Wise, the herbalist and healer, escapes Kingsbridge before she can ever be accused of witchcraft. However, a crazy woman named Nell is found guilty of witchcraft earlier on and is whipped through town to be hanged (but the bridge collapses first) Mattie Wise is the one found guilty of witchcraft. She is taken to the bridge to be hanged, and when the bridge collapses her body is dramatically whipped into the air.
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