What's the Difference between Vampire Academy the Book and Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters the Movie?


Vampire Academy

Released: 2007
Author: Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

Released: 2014
Director: Mark Waters
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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Rose goes into great detail about the history of the Dhampir, Moroi and Strigoi. There is a vague and quick explaination.
   Rose knows about Ms. Karp's issues and her removal from the school. She doesn't know anything about it.
   Natalie isn't very involved with Rose's trouble making. She is with her and helps.
   Rose is able to figure out her relationship with Lissa using her own intelligence. Dmitri tells her about it.
   Lissa has many emotional problems and cuts herself. This isn't shown to be such a problem for her.
   Lissa has an outburst at an academy party when some Vampires take advantage of a blood donor. This doesn't happen.
   The Psi-Hounds are trained by the Guardians. This isn't mentioned.
   Dimitri is said to beat up his Moroi father at the age of 13. In the movie, it is stated that he did it at the age of 10
   There was no Strigoi attack prior to them reaching the Academy. There is a surprise Strigoi attack as Dimitri, Lissa and Rose approach the Academy at the gates.
   Lissa is mad at Rose for telling on her cutting and goes to the ball without her. Rose goes with Mason. Lissa and Rose get ready for the ball with Natalie, and Rose only meets Mason at the ball.
   Lissa guesses Rose's feelings for Dimitri. Lissa has no idea about Rose's secret crush on Dimitri.
   Rose doesn't like Christian so much. Rose seems to have opened her heart to Christian as a friend after they research Lissa's powers together, and hug as they leave.
   Rose is very strong willed, witty, sarcastic and such but in an interesting way. Not to mention the book is supposed to be serious, the characters are a lot more mature than the movie makes them out to be. Rose is sarcastic in a boring way. The directors, the Waters brothers, made this movie into a complete joke. Totally made it seem like a mean girls movie with vampires and Hogwarts (just by the clothes).
   Mia is described as having blonde ringlet curls that make her look like a doll. Mia is said to have cut her hair and has a pixie cut hairstyle that makes her look like a boy.
   When Rose punches Mia, It's portrayed seriously. When Rose punches Mia, It's portrayed as comedic instead.
   Rose breaks her ankle after she and Lissa go dress shopping. In the movie, It's prior.
   This doesn't happen in the book. When they go dress shopping, Rose attacks a man who offers Lissa a product, mistaking him for a threat to Lissa.
   When Christian sets Ray on fire, The classroom is shocked and Christian is laughing hysterically after. In the movie, The classroom has little reaction and Christian does not laugh.
   Rose breaks her ankle falling through a rotted wooden bench. In the movie, Lissa has an Spirit outburst and causes a hole in the ground that Rose inadvertently walks into.
   This doesn't happen in the book. Dimitri ups Rose's training and allows her to use a stake.
   This doesn't happen in the book. Headmistress Kirova uses a type of drug to knock out bad students and tried to use it on Rose but Rose gets ahold of it and uses it on Kirova instead.
   When Rose and Lissa return to the academy, Lissa leaves Oscar behind. In the movie, Lissa takes Oscar with her.
   When Christian and Lissa first meet in the chapel attic, Christian says "Don't worry, I won't bite. Well, at least not in the way you're afraid of." and acts a bit arrogant. In the movie, he says "Don't worry, I don't bite. Well, only literally." and acts more hesitant and shy.
   Lissa and Rose keep Lissa's spirit a secret. In the movie, Kirova knows and Lissa tells everyone in her speech.
   This doesn't happen in the book. When the guardians catch Rose and Lissa, Rose fights them and Dimitri tosses Rose with ease.
   Ms. Karp had low control of all 4 elements. In the movie, it's Lissa.
   This doesn't happen in the book. Lissa uses magic to light a stick on fire and at a party, on a beer keg and candles.
   Natalie is a somewhat less popular Moroi royal. In the movie, she's a full blown geek with glasses and frizzy hair.
   The students don't wear uniforms. In the movie, Moroi and Dhampirs students wear differentiating uniforms with Moroi wearing patches of their respective elements on them.
   Rose abhorred any Rose-type jewelry. Rose falls in love with a Rose necklace and is crushed when it's too expensive.
   This doesn't happen in the book. Ms. Karp smuggles Lissa and Rose out of the academy, has them hidden in her car truck and compels Rose to forget until a later time.
   This doesn't happen in the book. Ms. Karp was videotaping herself during her darkness-induced madness.
   Dimitri gives Rose the necklace from Victor. In the movie, It's Natalie.
   Dimitri is very stoic to the point of emotionless. He seems to regularly smile and show emotion.
   Dimitri is lustful for Rose. He is genuinely interest in her personality.
   Rose asks Mason to get Christian to sneak out books about St. Vladimir from the chapel attic. Rose and Christian simply look through them in the attic and Mason is not involved whatsoever.
   Rose and Dimitri talk much during the Lust Charm scene and he stripped her completely naked. The scene is much shorter with little talking and Rose is still in her underwear.
   This does not happen in the book. When Rose is in Lissa's head, her eyes turn gold.
   Rose lies to Christian so he'll stay away from Lissa. Rose simply tells him to stay away because Lissa's flirting with him is just a phase.
   Rose visits Victor in his cell because she wants him to remove the Lust Charm spell. Victor simply requests to speak with Rose.
   This does not happen in the book. Dimitri stops Victor from escaping by kicking a piece of ceiling molding that falls, at him.
   Rose is respectable to Victor and refers to him with Royal terms when she talks to him. She doesn't and talks about beating his ass at cards.
   Lissa can resurrect the freshly dead. Rose states that Lissa can only bring back those on the brink of death.
   Natalie simply hangs around Rose sometimes. Victor asks Rose to watch over Natalie.
   After Lissa feeds on Rose, She asks if she's okay. Lissa awkwardly says "Thanks?".
   Rose feeds Lissa not long after waking her from her nightmare. Rose goes and drink a bottle of water before feeding Lissa.
   When Rose and Lissa are caught, Dimitri sees the bite marks on Rose's neck. He doesn't see them since the bite marks are on her shoulder and therefore covered by her jacket.
   Rose keeps her crush on Dimitri secret. Not only does Lissa figure it out but Rose tells Natalie, too.
   This doesn't happen. Rose and Lissa get itchy when experiencing the effects of Spirit.
   Lissa cuts herself manually. Lissa gets cuts on her arms automatically from using Spirit.
   Dimitri is alone when he catches Rose with Jesse. Kirova is with him and orders Jesse back to his dorm.
   Ms. Karp is with the girls when the raven is resurrected. She watches from her window.
   Lissa finds a dead rabbit on the floor with a note threatening her to leave. Lissa is somehow led outside and comes across a dead fox hanging from the doorway with no note.
   When Dimitri removes Rose's dress, he tosses it on the floor. He throws it into the fireplace.
   This doesn't happen. Rose asks Dimitri to kiss her and tricks him by finally flipping him.
   Feeders are kept until old age. They are said to be able to leave any time they want but they are also kept for a year and are let go after compulsion is used to make them forget.
   Rose lies so she can go to church to still be close to Lissa despite being punished severely for running away. This doesn't happen.
   The girls share a room and have a housemate named Jeremy. They have separate rooms and there is no mention of Jeremy.
   Dimitri keeps the girls separated when taking them back to the academy, preventing them from planning another escape. They are kept together and Rose is handcuffed to the car door.
   The girls are taken back by plane, then car. They are taken by car only.
   The raven is found in the woods. It flies into a statue and falls on the ground.
   Mason leads Rose to Jesse and Ralf so they can reveal the truth. Mason surprises Rose with them.
   Lissa is put on medication which prevents her from using Spirit. This doesn't happen.
   The Air user torturing Lissa isn't blind. He is blind to prevent her from using compulsion on him.
   The dance is held in the daytime, which is "night" for the Moroi. It's during nighttime, instead.
   When trying to rescue Lissa, Rose is sitting in the front seat and doesn't find Christian hiding in the back until they reach their destination. Rose sits in the back and discovers Christian there before they reach Lissa.
   After healing Victor, Lissa compels the guard watching her to not say anything as she sneaks out the window. She compels him to jump out of the window to which she climbs out after.
   Feeders are fed on the neck. It's on the wrist.
   Christian warms Lissa in the attic with his elemental magic. This doesn't happen.
   Rose explains how she and Lissa became best friends since kindergarten. This is not mentioned.
   Rose would party, drink and get high prior to her and Lissa running away from the academy. This is not mentioned.
   Lissa breaks up with Aaron and gets together with Christian after the dance. She breaks up with Aaron after healing Rose's ankle and gets together with Christian at the dance.
   It was 2 years since the car accident happened as well as how long the girls were on the run. The car accident happened 1 year ago and the girls were on the run for a year and a half.
   Mia is not a royal and her parents are servants. This is not mentioned.
   The term "Bloodwhore" is properly explained and Rose is deeply hurt when she is accused of being one. It is never explained and Rose isn't fazed by it, especially when Lissa call her it out of spirit induced anger.
   Rose playfully flirts with Mason. She doesn't.
   This doesn't happen. Lissa finds out one of the feeders is a divorcee who writes Twilight fan fiction.
   Lissa is religious and Rose isn't. This is not mentioned.
   Rose's mother sends her one e-mail. Rose's mother sends her two telegrams, one of which implies she's proud of her.
   Rose makes sarcastic remarks and quips in her head. Rose constantly makes jokes and quips out loud.
   After Lissa feeds on Rose, Rose is still weak from blood loss and the high from the bite. Rose only seems to feel the high during the feeding and isn't weak from loss of blood whatsoever.
   Lissa is with Aaron when Mia confronts her at the dance. In the film, Lissa is with Christian.
   This doesn't happen in the book. Lissa has a dream of Christian turning Strigoi, invading the school with other Strigoi, Dimitri being killed and turning her as well before circling in on Rose.
   Headmistress Kirova is strict and capable. She acts unprofessional and everyone seems to walk over her.
   This does not happen in the book. Rose has Natalie lick the bloody message on the wall to see whose blood it could be and how fresh.
   Dimitri buys Rose lip gloss. This does not happen as it emasculates Dimitri's character.
   Lissa is in the chapel attic with Christian, crying about her brother after healing Rose's ankle. She is feeding, instead.
   At the dance, Lissa wore a sleek pink cotton sheath and Rose wore a silk black strapless short dress. Lissa wore a green dress with fingerless lace gloves and Rose wore a burgundy strapless short dress.
   Natalie helps her father because she truly believes it's for the good of the Moroi. It is unclear whether she helps him for personal reasons or she'd simply do anything he wanted.
   When Lissa resurrects the raven, she and Rose skipped class to drink Peach Schnapps in the woods when they are caught by Ms. Karp. They snuck out during daytime to help Lissa with her magic to which Ms. Karp catches them.
   Natalie easily overthrows Rose. Rose is able to hold her own against Natalie and even almost stakes her.
   Dimitri easily kills Natalie since she is a fresh Strigoi and doesn't have experience with her powers. Dimitri has notable trouble and Rose has to help.
   Dimitri stakes Natalie by himself. Rose helps by holding her down.
   Christian is attacked by Psi-Hounds. He is shot by Victor, instead
   This doesn't happen in the book. The final scene is Ms. Karp and a bunch of Strigoi planning an attack.
   Natalie kills Mr. Nagy to become Strigoi. In the movie, It's Ray.
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