What's the Difference between The Shining the Book and The Shining the Movie?


The Shining

Released: 1977
Author: Stephen King

The Shining

Released: 1980
Director: Stanley Kubrick
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In the Book In the Movie
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance
Portrayed by: Jack Nicholson
Wendy Torrance
Wendy Torrance
Portrayed by: Shelley Duvall
Portrayed by: Danny Lloyd
The Shining Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The motivation of the ghosts is to possess Jack Torrance to get him to kill Danny; if Danny dies in the Overlook, his "shining" ability will be absorbed along with all the other awful energies that are manifest there; the hotel itself is a sentient entity and so would become far more powerful and able to extend its powers beyond the confines of its grounds. The motive is more ambiguous but seems to be to "reclaim" Jack , who is apparently a reincarnation of a previous caretaker of the hotel, as suggested by the 1920s photograph of Jack and Jack's repeated claims to have "not just a deja vu".
   Danny is 5 years old and like to watch pbs shows like sesame street Danny is 7 years old and like to watch cartoons.
   Wendy is hair is blonde wendy hair is black.
   Danny likes to eat sandwiches and soup. Danny likes to eat french fries and ketchup.
   The yard has hedges shaped like animals. The yard has a huge giant maze.
   Jack gives danny an empty bee hive as a present, which end up full of bees when it was supposed to be empty.( NOTE- This was also used for the remake 2007 shining movie, where instead of a bee hive it's a different insect nest which fills up that night when it was suppose to be empty. This part wasn't in the 1980 movie version.
   Jack has a sludge hammer Jack has an ax.
   The cover above show a picture of dannny as if he's a murder or trouble maker,or just evil. Danny in the movie looks like an average kid.
   The boiler must be dumped several times a day or it will explode. The boiler is not mentioned or touched or dangerous in anyway
   The hotel room number is 217. The hotel room number is 237.
   Danny prefers Jack. Danny seems to be a lot closer with Wendy, there isn't much shown about Danny's bond with Jack.
   Mr. Ullman introduces the chef as Richard Hollarann, Danny's shine tell him that he is known as Dick to his friends. Dick also asks Danny if he wants to go to Florida with him multiple times. Danny asks why the woman wanted to get in the car guy's pants. The conversation when Dick explains the shining takes place in his car, and he tests Danny to see how strong his shine is. Also Dick is very friendly and kind to Danny. Mr. Ullman introduces the chef as Dick. Dick asks Danny if he wants some Ice Cream. Dick explains the shining in the kitchen and is not very kind to Danny.
   The book briefly mentions Grady's daughters. The twin girls are used a frequent visual scare
   Jack never kills anyone. Jack kills Dick Hallorann.
   Jack struggles with alcoholism and authority issues. It is alcohol and severe writer's block.
   Jack is portrayed as a man with good intentions who is overcome by evil. He starts out as kind of bad. He is irritated by his family.
   Jack finds a scrapbook that details all the bad things that happened at the hotel. A scrapbook can be seen by Jack's typewriter. We don't see him look through it.
   Jack, in a moment of sanity tells Danny and Wendy to get out and tries to relieve the pressure in the boiler. He fails and the building explodes killing him. Jack chases Danny outside and into the hedge maze. Danny retraces his steps and Jack gets lost in the maze and freezes to death.
   The Overlook Hotel is completely destroyed by a fire caused by an exploding boiler. The Hotel remains intact.
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