What's the Difference between The Notebook the Book and The Notebook the Movie?


The Notebook

Released: 1996
Author: Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook

Released: 2004
Director: Nick Cassavetes
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Ryan Gosling
Portrayed by: Rachel McAdams
The Notebook Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Noah and Allie hang out together at the carnival until it is over. He jumps on the Ferris Wheel until she agrees to go out with him.
   Allie leaves town on good terms with Noah. They have a huge fight and decide to break up. The next morning her mother makes them leave.
   Allie is 15 and Noah is 17 when they meet in 1932. Allie is 17 and Noah's age isn't mentioned. The year is 1940.
   Allie meets Lon at a Christmas party. She meets him when she is a nurse and he is in a full body cast.
   Noah writes Allie one letter a month for a year. He writes her every day for a year.
   Allie's mother comes and talks to both Allie and Noah. She picks up Allie and drives her to show her the man she once loved. Expressing that they aren't much different.
   Noah and Allie are separated for 14 years. It is 7 years.
   Noah writes his last letter before he leaves to go to war. He wrote the last letter a year or two before he went to war.
   The notebook is written by Noah. It was written by Allie.
   Noah and Allie do not fight. They seem to have a perfect relationship. They fight about everything, but are very much in love.
   This doesn't happen. Allie and Noah have their famous kiss in the rain.
   Allie and Noah peacefully make love when they loose their virginities. Allie is insanely nervous and the police are sent to find her.
   Noah lives in New Bern Noah lives in seabrook
   Noah lives in New Bern then Moves up north and moves to Norfolk, and works at a ship yard for six months before moving to New Jersey, and found himself working for a Jewish man named Morris Goldman Noah lives in Seabrook, then fights in the war and lives in Seabrook
   Only Allie dies. (Theres a sequel with Noah still alive: "The Wedding") Both die.
   Noah has a stroke and is hospitalized. He is released and, on the night of their 49th anniversary, he reads the letter Allie wrote to him when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Deciding to visit her, he finds that Allie recognizes him, and they talk. Allie realizes that she and Noah are the people in the book. It is only a few minutes until she fades and pushes Noah away as a stranger. Later Noah looks at the book- Allie wrote, "Read this to me, and I'll come back to you." The next morning a nurse finds Noah in critical condition. He is saved from a heart attack. After returning from the hospital, he goes to see Allie. She wakes and recognizes him. She asks if their love is strong enough to take them away together. Noah says that their love can do whatever they want it to do. In the morning, they are found dead, lying together on her bed and holding hands. The film closes with a flock of birds flying over a lake.
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