What's the Difference between Safe Haven the Book and Safe Haven the Movie?


Safe Haven

Released: 2010
Author: Nicholas Sparks

Safe Haven

Released: 2013
Director: Lasse Hallström
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Julianne Hough
Portrayed by: Josh Duhamel
Portrayed by: David Lyons
Jo (in the book she's aka Carly Jo
Jo (in the book she's aka Carly Jo
Portrayed by: Cobie Smulders
Safe Haven Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Alex's store is the 1st floor & he lives with the kids on the 2nd floor. Alex & the kids live across the road from the store in a house & the 2nd floor of the store is only Jo's private office.
   In the book, Katie starts telling Alex about her past, she talks about her several escape attempts, as well as her final escape to Southport. Which includes, getting her hair done at a beauty shop, going next door and buying a cell phone & tricking Kevin while he's out of town on a case, leaving and first going to Philadelphia, where Kevin almost finds her, then New York, before getting a ride into South Port with a guy driving a truck. She flees, and gets off the bus in Southport, right from the start...
   Alex has grey hair Alex has brown hair
   In the book, Katie never sleeps with Alex, because she doesn't feel right because she's married. Also, while Kevin's search is at a dead end, he ends up having an affair with a girl named Amber he meets at a bar.
   Kevin hits Alex in the head Kevin and Alex don't have any physical contact and Alex hits Katie
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books are always better
09 Apr 2015 Anonymous
I like the movie better
10 Jan 2015 Anonymous
In the movie alex's daughter's name is lexi but in the book it is Kristen
21 Apr 2014 Anonymous
In the book Katie didn't wear a swimsuit to the beach where as in the movie Katie went to the store with Lexi to buy a swimsuit.
23 Mar 2014 Anonymous
Also did anyone noticed they switched the hair colors around, when she was Erin and with Kevin she had long blond hair but then she ran away she cut it short and dyed it brown but in the movie she had long brown hair and she cut it short and dyed it blond.
06 Oct 2013 Anonymous
In the book Kevin finds were she is when the neighbor husband died and there daughter talks about how she was friends with them and about the real "Kaite" Then he sneeks in and gets Katies info and he has his cop friend check the social # and found where she was staying . In the book he sneeks into the neighbor house and hears a voice mail that she had left and she takes the number and call it back and find where she is.
06 Oct 2013 Anonymous
Didn't like the movie. Although Julianne is very pretty she is a horrible actress. She didn't show any emotion, even when she first sees Kevin?!?!
16 Jul 2013 Anonymous
I hate that they changed how Katie gets away. I think she seemed more empowered in the book- she had tried numerous times, and she was very SMART in how she finally got away (with the cell phone trick). I hated that in the movie she just ran- it makes her more weak.
28 Jun 2013 Anonymous
Difference: Katie steals the identity of the neighbor in the book. In the movie, Katie does not, and further, the name Erin is never explained.
21 Apr 2013 Anonymous
it's so different, I prefer the book :c
15 Apr 2013 Anonymous

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