What's the Difference between The Minority Report the Book and Minority Report the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Minority Report

Released: 1956
Author: Philip K. Dick

Minority Report

Released: 2002
Director: Steven Spielberg
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In the Book In the Movie
John Anderton
John Anderton
Portrayed by: Tom Cruise
Minority Report Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The story takes place in New York City. Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland and northern Virginia are the locations for the action.
   John Anderton is a 50 year old balding out of shape police officer. He is the creator of Pre-Crime. Anderton is a young and athletic cop. He did not create Pre-Crime.
   The precogs are named Mike, Donna, and Jerry. They are deformed and mentally impared. They are named Agatha, Dashiell and Arthur. They are the children of drug addicts.
   The Pre-Cogs can see all types of crime. They can only see Murders.
   Anderton is predicted to murder General Leopold Kaplan. The pre cogs see Anderton killing Leo Crow.
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