What's the Difference between The Accidental Billionaires the Book and The Social Network the Movie?


The Accidental Billionaires

Released: 2009
Author: Ben Mezrich

The Social Network

Released: 2010
Director: David Fincher
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In the Book In the Movie
Mark Zuckberg
Mark Zuckberg
Portrayed by: Jesse Eisenberg
Eduardo Saverin
Eduardo Saverin
Portrayed by: Andrew Garfield
The Social Network Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Eduardo is at a party trying to gain access to the Phoenix club. He remembers an earlier party where Mark Zuckerberg attended but couldn't talk to anyone. Mark is obsessed with getting into the Phoenix club. He talks with Erica about it. We never see him at any party trying to punch in.
   Mark writes in his blog about a girl he calls X. She has rejected him. He calls her a bitch and says he needs to get his mind off of her. Mark uses Erica's full name in his blog. We see Erica dump Mark in the beginning of the film. He goes much further than calling her a bitch. He says that her breasts are smaller than he thought because of help from a push up bra.
   Eduardo meets Mark at the Jewish fraternity house they are both part of. This isn't mentioned. Mark and Eduardo are already friends.
   Mark relishes coming up with the algorithm to compare the girls to each other for facemash.com Eduardo returns after reading that Mark has been dumped on his blog. Mark asks him for the algorithm he used for his chess ranking program. He uses it for facemash.com
   After Mark finishes facemash.com he emails it to a few friends to get their impression. He has no intention of it going viral. Mark and his roommates intend to send it out to everyone so they can all see it.
   Mark creates the full profile page for thefacebook.com. Mark creates it and then after he hears that Eduardo has been dumped, he adds Relationship status at the last second.
   Mark sneaks into the houses he can't access via the internet. He attaches to the local network and takes the pictures from their facebooks. He just gets them all from the internet.
   3 days after he created facemash.com Mark realizes that it is getting a lot of traffic. He is using his own laptop as a server and it is frozen. He shuts it down. He finishes the website that very night and watches the traffic stats on his machine. Eduardo is there and is afraid they will get in trouble. Suddenly the screen goes black and the network is shut down.
   Mark is alone while creating facemash.com but he communicates with his friends via email. Mark's friends are all in the room with him watching and helping him with the website.
   Divya finds the Winklevoss twins at the library to tell them about Mark and facemash.com. They are in the dinning hall eating together when he tells them.
   Mark wears a suit when goes before the Ad board. He goes before 3 deans and 2 computer security people. He gets a form of probation. He is wearing a hoodie and jeans. The Ad Board has at least 15 people in the meeting with Mark. He tells Eduardo that he got 6 months of academic probation.
   The Winklevoss twins contact Mark via email and set up a meeting. They meet him in the dining hall at Kirkland. Divya is unable to attend the meeting. Marks leaves class and the twins are waiting outside for him. They introduce themselves and ask for a minute to discuss an idea. He agrees and they go to the Porcellian where they meet up with Divya and discuss their idea together.
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