What's the Difference between The Secret Service the Graphic Novel and Kingsman: The Secret Service the Movie?


The Secret Service

Released: 2012
Author: Mark Millar

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Released: 2015
Director: Matthew Vaughn
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In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
Gary London
Gary "Eggsy" Unwin
Portrayed by: Taron Egerton
Jack London (Uncle Jack)
Harry Hart (Galahad)
Portrayed by: Colin Firth
Dr. James Arnold
Portrayed by: Samuel L. Jackson
Portrayed by: Sofia Boutella
Rupert Greaves
Chester King (Arthur)
Portrayed by: Michael Caine
Sir Giles
Portrayed by: Mark Strong
Sharon London
Michelle Unwin
Portrayed by: Samantha Womack
Portrayed by: Geoff Bell
This Character does not appear.
Roxanne "Roxy" Morton (Lancelot)
Portrayed by: Sophie Cookson
This Character does not appear.
Charles "Charlie" Hesketh
Portrayed by: Edward Holcroft
Kingsman: The Secret Service Graphic Novel vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
   This doesn't happen Starts in Middle East 1997, with a group of agents fighting terrorists, one of them sacrifices himself for the group. For this act Harry Hart gives a medal of valor to the agent's son, the medal includes a phone number that will help if he ever needs it
   In Zermatt, Switzerland, a group has kidnaped Mark Hamilln, suddenly an agent of the MI6 comes to rescue him. He takes Hamill out of the cabin and they try to escape in a snowmobile, they fall of a cliff but the parachute fails and it doesn't open till they're dead in the ground Agent Lancelot goes to rescue professor James Arnold from a cabin in Switzerland. He gets killed by Gazelle, is later revealed that Richmond Valentine is the one who kidnapped professor Arnold
   Gary, his mother and his little brother live with his abusive step father Darren The same thing happen, but instead of a brother, Eggsy has a sister
   Gary has a lot of street smarts, instinct and heart. His knowledge about weapons and fight skills come from video games Eggsy was a skilled gymnastic and partially trained by the Royal Marines, he's also a more crack wise character
   Gary and his friends steal a car to go around the city, they get chase down by the police, but a dog gets in the way and they crash. Gary is the only one that got caught Eggsy and his friends steal the car of one of Dean's henchman, because he kick them out of his bar. They get chase down, a dog gets in the way and Eggsy's friends escape as he's getting caught
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