What's the Difference between The Maze Runner the Book and The Maze Runner the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Maze Runner

Released: 2009
Author: James Dashner

The Maze Runner

Released: 2014
Director: Wes Ball
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Dylan O'Brien
Portrayed by: Kaya Scodelario
Portrayed by: Ki-Hong Lee
Portrayed by: Aml Ameen
Portrayed by: Blake Cooper
Portrayed by: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Portrayed by: Will Poulter
Portrayed by: Chris Sheffield
Portrayed by: Dexter Darden
Portrayed by: Joe Adler
Portrayed by: Joe Adler
Portrayed by: Alexander Flores
Portrayed by: Jacob Latimore
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff
Portrayed by: Jacob Latimore
The Maze Runner Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Thomas can only remember is name on entering the Glade. He can't even remember that when he first gets there.
   Thomas is afraid and just stands there in the Glade. He attempts to run and falls down and realizes he is in the maze.
   Thomas is aloof with the others. He is accepted eventually. After the first night, the other Gladers accept him and celebrate.
   The Gladers create maps of the maze that they study. A large model of the maze has been created by them that they use to study.
   Theresa is unconcious for several days after arriving. She wakes up shortly after arriving.
   Theresa ignores the others besides Thomas initially. She interacts with the others and tells them to leave her alone.
   Thomas and Theresa can communicate via telepathy. They do not.
   Ben was banished to the maze while wearing a collar attached to a one long metal pole. Ben was banished to the maze by the Gladers holding many spears and other wooden devices on hand for such occurrences.
   Ben is shot by Alby with an arrow. Ben is speared by Alby.
   The serum exists before Thomas and Teresa arrive in the Glade. Teresa brings vials of serum with her to the Glade.
   Thomas and Minho 'kill' the Grievers by sending them off the Cliff to survive the night in the maze. Thomas and Minho kill a Griever by getting it smashed in a moving wall to survive the night in the maze.
   Thomas spends a day in the Slammer for entering the maze. Thomas spends a night in the Pit for entering the maze.
   There is no difference in weather in the Glade -- it is always sunny during the day. Weather changes in the Glade -- it's cloudy and rains.
   The alarm sounds a half an hour or so before the Box comes up with a new Glader. The alarm sounds as the Box with a new Glader arrives.
   The Creators are known as WICKED The Creators are known as WCKD
   Thomas hoists Alby into the ivy slowly on his own as he climbs up. Thomas and Minho hoist Alby up the ivy by pulling him up with a rope.
   The Gladers have been there for two years. The Gladers have been there for three years.
   Beetle Blades watch the Gladers and report back to the Creators. They do not exist.
   Thomas throws himself at a Griever to go through the Changing. Thomas takes a part they chopped off a Griever and stabs himself to go through the Changing.
   Teresa comes up in the box and says everything will change Teresa comes up in the box and say Thomas
   Gally runs away/goes into hiding and is gone for most of the book only to come back and get taken by a griever and then once again when the creators make him attack Thomas. Gally doesn't run away/go into hiding and is in the whole movie. He also isn't taken by a griever, Alby is instead.
   Ably is white Ally is black
   Runners run with their left hand brushing the side of the wall in the maze Runners just run
   Gally is portrayed to be a boy with longish black hair Gally is portrayed to be a boy with short ginger hair
   Newt is second in command as in he watches the other gladers and make sure they are doing there job he's like alby Newt is keeper of the gardeners
   When Teresa arrives in the box, other gladers start calling dibs on her When Teresa arrives in the box, the other gladers don't call dibs on her
   The box doors can open, the group of original gladers send down one glader with a rope down the empty box hole resulting in that glader being cut in half The box doors can not open, thomas asks newt if anyone tried going in the box to escape in which newt then replies that the box won't go back down with someone in it
   Thomas follows a beetle blade into the forest in which he hears noises and finds a glass case with half a body in it with the words on the glass box saying "let this half-shank be a warning to all: you can't escape through the box hole" thomas is then a couple minutes later attacked by Ben Thomas is sent out into the forest to get fertilizer for Newt, thomas then stumbled across George's grave, only to then be attacked by Ben a couple minutes later
   There are plaques in the maze that say "World In Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department" There are no plaques in the maze
   Newt calls Thomas, "Tommy" throughout the book Newt does not call Thomas, "Tommy" at all in the movie
   After chucks death, thomas beats up gally After Chuck got shot, minho throws a huge stick at gally resulting in gallys death
   When they escape the maze, thomas and teresa are holding hands and had to run up stairs and down hallways and ran into the pouring rain where they were then ushered onto a bus When they escape the maze, thomas and teresa do not hold hands, they run down a long short straight corridor into the hot sun and ushered onto a helicopter
   Chuck doesn't Chuck gives thomas a little sculpture he made and said give it to his parents
   Thomas gets a tour of all of the jobs and has to work each one until the group decides which one he's best at Thomas is thrown into the Pit and right before he is Newt decides that the next day he will become a Runner
   Frypan is described to have lots of body hair. Frypan do not appear to have abnormal amounts of body hair.
   newt had hair going down to his shoulders, Gally had dark hair and Tereza had raven black hair newt had short hair, gally had brown hair and tereza had brown hair as well
   Teresa comes a day and a half later then Thomas Teresa doesn't come until a week after Thomas gets into the Glade
   Thomas first sees a griever through a black window. Thomas first sees a griever in his night outside.
   Teresa remembers Thomas when she wakes up. Teresa does not remember Thomas, but says his name when she briefly wakes up.
   Teresa show up close after Thomas. (The next day) Teresa shows up almost two days later
   Teresa mentioned that "she triggered something" and it was "the ending". It was not mentioned.
   There were originally four Doors that leads to the Maze (North, South, West, East). There was only one Door. And the other three doors opened only in the last part.
   When the Doors close, they make noises and the ground shakes which scared Thomas. Thomas just stood and stare as the Doors close.
   When the Doors stopped closing, the Gladers stayed in a wooden structure called, the Homestead. There was no Homestead. Thomas and his company stayed at the Map Room instead.
   When Thomas broke the number one rule (Do not go out into the Maze unless you're a Runner), the Keepers had a "Gathering" and Thomas was seated at the front just listening because he wasn't allowed to talk. Acne-faced Winston, was the first one who convinced Newt the most to punish Thomas about what he'd done. The Gathering was done with Gladers watching. Thomas was allowed to speak during it. Winston never spoke. Gally was the only one who convinced Newt about Thomas' punishment.
   When Alby got stung and remembered, he mentioned the Flare. The Flare was only mentioned in the end.
   The Gladers sleep in sleeping bags on the grass. The Gladers sleep in hammocks.
   Thomas didn't have visions or dreams about his past before he got stung and went through the Changing. He dreamed about WICKED and Teresa even before he got stung.
   The Map Room was burned. It didn't happen.
   Alby locked Teresa up in the Slammer because he blames her for everything that happened in the Glade. It never happened.
   Thomas first talked to Teresa face to face in the Deadheads. They first talked in a wooden tower they made (never mentioned in the book)
   After Thomas went through the Changing, he mentioned something about their names being derived from scientists. (Thomas- Thomas Edison, Alby- Albert Einstein, Newt- Isaac Newton... it was not mentioned but surely Gally was for Galileo Galilei). Never mentioned.
   There was no 'carve-your-name-in-the-wall-and-we'll-erase-it-out-when-you're-dead' in the book. Alby introduced Thomas to a wall where all the Gladers carve their names.
   When Chuck was showing Thomas around, Chuck pranked Gally while he was bathing. Not mentioned. (Not an important part but wouldn't it be more fun if they actually included that part?)
   The Gladers make up their own swearwords. (Klunk for sh*t and Shuck for f*ck) Thomas swore with the word sh*t and the word Klunk and Shuck was not mentioned. They only mentioned Shank, Greenie and Slinthead.
   When they got out of the Maze and pushed the code, they encountered a greasy slide in which they slid on because there wasn't much of any other choices. When they got out of the Maze, they just walked into a dull gray hallway.
   There were 20 Gladers survivors. It looked less.
   The woman who works for WICKED appeared face to face with the Gladers. And she didn't explain further about the Flare or anything going on in the world. (The explanation about the Flare was mentioned in the second book) Lastly, she has been shot by one of the rescuers. The woman who works for WCKD talked to the Gladers on a video and she explained everything about the Flare and the outrageous heat spreading across the world. Lastly, she shot herself.
   The way to leave/escape is over a cliff jumping thru a magical in-air "hole", that had been discovered earlier by throwing rocks off the cliff and seeing them vanish in that spot. The way to leave/escape is thru a tunnel that has four "doors" that open up when a gadget (that had been retrieved from a dead Griever), gets close to it, and they run thru while open.
   The maze and glade is a huge square made of nine littler squares with the center being the Glade. Like on a phone calling screen, 1 thru 9, and the Glade is number 5. You get out of the Glade thru 2, 4, 6, and 8, and while in those sections you can then get into 1, 3, 7, and 9. The maze is a giant circle, with the square Glade in the center. No separated maze sections that you have to figure out how to get from one to the other (though there are some numbers mentioned that don't really mean much).
   Tomas and Teresa communicate telepathically(mind reading) They can't talk to each other though telepathic "powers"
   The Maze is underground. The Maze is in the middle of the WICKED complex and outside.
   Gally is captured by a Griever and taken to WICKED. He follows Thomas and the others out.
   When the walls started not closing at night, grievers get one glader at a time When the walls started not closing at night, grievers attack them all and killed as many as they can
   Gladers were able to figure out the clues through the map by recreating them thru a wax paper and putting them on top of the other and they formed words like FLOAT , PUSH ... they need to enter it to a computer to exit. Gladers were able to exit thru the number sequences on each section on the maze
   Serums were already in the supplies for use everytime someone get stinged Serums were on theresa's pocket, and only two were there.
   When going through The Changing if you get The Serum you live. When going through The Changing you die. (Until Teresa comes to the Glade with The Serum in her pocket)
   Alby was not so nice. Alby was too nice.
   Gally was stung before thomas arived and recognized him after the changing. Gally never got stung
   Gally kills chuck by throwing a knife because wicked uses mind control to make him attack Thomas and chuck jumps in front Gally attacks Thomas with a gun willingly and kills chuck when chuck jumps in front.
   Greivers roll with bright coloured lights and blades retract No coloured lights and no rolling
   They were there for 2 years They were there for 3 years
   There were 30 original gladers Ably was the one original glader
   Chuck is killed with a sword Chuck is killed with a gun
   Aldy sacrifices himself to the greivers to try to save the others. Alby died before they tried to escape the glade.
   Gally is revealed to be the boy in the hood with the Creators and tries to attack Thomas with a knife. Gally follows the Gladers out and attempts to shoot Thomas with a gun.
   The Gladers are 'rescued' by a group who puts them on a bus. The Gladers are 'rescued' by a group who puts them in a helicopter.
   The Gladers meet the Creators at the end before the 'rescuers' kill the Creators. The Creators have already been killed when the Gladers exit the maze.
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