What's the Difference between The Disaster Artist the Book and The Disaster Artist the Movie?


The Disaster Artist

Released: 2013
Author: Sestero, Greg

The Disaster Artist

Released: 2017
Director: Franco, James
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The Disaster Artist Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   This doesn't happen. When Tommy and Greg go to San Francisco to shoot a football scene, Greg starts fighting with Tommy, demanding his age, background, and source of income.
   Greg turns down the part of Mark several times until Tommy pressures him to take it. Greg immediately accepts the part of Mark.
   The book ends with the movie premiere starting. During the premiere, Tommy is distraught when the audience laughs at his film. After the viewing, he claims it was a comedy the whole time.
   Greg receives his RSVP for the movie premiere in the mail. Tommy gives Greg the RSVP in person.
   Greg drives to Tommy's house before the premiere, where the two go in a limo to the premiere. Tommy picks Greg up in his limo outside Greg's house.
   Tommy Wiseau immediately orders Carolyn Minnott (the actress who played Claudette) to be taken to the hospital after fainting from the heat. Tommy Wiseau seems unconcerned when Carolyn faints from the heat.
   Before they leave for LA, Greg's mother warns Tommy not to rape his son. Greg and Tommy drive away before Greg's mother can say that.
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