What's the Difference between The Daleks (Doctor Who) the TV Show and Dr. Who and the Daleks the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Daleks (Doctor Who)

Released: 1963
Creator: Sydney Newman

Dr. Who and the Daleks

Released: 1965
Director: Gordon Flemyng
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In the TV Show In the Movie
The Doctor
Portrayed by: William Hartnell
Dr. Who
Portrayed by: Peter Cushing
Susan Foreman
Portrayed by: Carole Ann Ford
Portrayed by: Roberta Tovey
Ian Chesterton
Portrayed by: William Russell
Portrayed by: Roy Castle
Barbara Wright
Portrayed by: Jacqueline Hill
Portrayed by: Jennie Linden
Dr. Who and the Daleks TV Show vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the TV Show In the Movie
   The Doctor and Susan are Time Lords. Dr. Who and Susan are human.
   The TARDIS was stolen by the Doctor from his home planet of Gallifrey. Dr. Who built TARDIS himself.
   Barbara is a schoolteacher, and Ian's colleague. Barbara is Dr. Who's granddaughter.
   The Doctor and Susan's home in London is inside the TARDIS, which is stationed in a junkyard. Dr. Who, Susan and Barbara live in a house. TARDIS is not big enough to live in.
   Ian and Barbara start travelling in the TARDIS after following Susan home, concerned for her well-being. Ian is invited to Dr. Who's house because he is Barbara's boyfriend.

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