What's the Difference between The Black Stallion the Book and The Black Stallion the Movie?


The Black Stallion

Released: 1974
Author: Farley, Walter

The Black Stallion

Released: 1979
Director: Ballard, Carroll
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In the Book In the Movie
Uncle Ralph
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Sister of Alec's Mother
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The Black Stallion Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Henry Dailey is a Friend of Alec Ramseys Father and he goes with Alec most of Alec's Adventures Henry is a Stranger to Alec until he tells him he caught the horse insted of the police
   Alec's Parents our not with Alec Ramsey when the shipwreck happens even though Alec and the Black our the only survivors Alec's Father is on the ship and dies
   Alec's Mother does'nt have an regrets about The Black being the Mystery Horse she is in Chicago with her sister and does not know about the race until her sister takes her to the race At First Alec's mother tells Alec he cannot ride the Black and changes her mind when Alec says The Black saved his life
   Henry is married Henry Lives Alone
   Alecs Father does not win a Poker match Alecs Father wins a Poker match and tells Alec the story of Uzebulyss
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