What's the Difference between The Amityville Horror the Book and The Amityville Horror the Movie?


The Amityville Horror

Released: 1977
Author: Jay Anson

The Amityville Horror

Released: 1979
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
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In the Book In the Movie
George Lutz
George Lutz
Portrayed by: James Brolin
Kathy Lutz
Kathy Lutz
Portrayed by: Margot Kidder
Father Mancuso
Father Delaney
Portrayed by: Rod Steiger
Missy Lutz
Amy Lutz
Portrayed by: Natasha Ryan
The Amityville Horror Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   This was invented for the movie and does not happen at all in the book. Amy's babysitter gets locked inside a closet and the lights go out, causing her to knock furiously on the door until her hands are bloody - only to discover later there's no lock on the door.
   One night, Kathy wakes up looking decades older than she really is. It takes hours for her appearance to return to normal. In the climax of the film, Kathy briefly appears very old, but it's completely out of context and she looks normal again in the next shot.
   At night, Kathy is attacked by an invisible force in bed, leaving red welts on her body, and levitates in midair. This does not happen in the movie.
   This was invented for the movie. Father Mancuso never went blind. Father Delaney holds a mass for the Lutzes praying for their protection, during which he suddenly goes blind.
   Green, gelatinous slime sometimes oozes from the walls. Blood leaks from the walls during the climax.
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