What's the Difference between Story of Your LIfe the Book and Arrival the Movie?

Science Fiction

Story of Your LIfe

Released: 1998
Author: Ten Chiang


Released: 2016
Director: Denis Villeneuve
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In the Book In the Movie
Dr. Louise Banks
Dr. Louise Banks
Portrayed by: Amy Adams
Colonel Weber
Colonel Weber
Portrayed by: Forest Whitaker
Dr. Gary Donnelly
Ian Connelly
Portrayed by: Jeremy Renner
This Character does not appear.
General Shang
Portrayed by: Tzi Ma
This Character does not appear.
Captain marks
Portrayed by: Mark O'Brien
This Character does not appear.
This Character does not appear.
Arrival Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Louise's daughter is not named. Her daughter's name is Hannah.
   Louise's daughter died in an accident. Hannah died from an illness.
   The alien craft are called looking glasses. There are 9 of them in the USA with 112 throughout the world. There are other spaceships in orbit around the Earth. They are called Shells. There are 12 of them in various places throughout the world.
   The Looking Glasses are about ten by twenty feet and rest on the ground inside of a large tent the military erected around it. The Shells are hundreds of feet high with a door on the bottom that opens every 18 hours to allow visitors to enter. The persons entering wear protective gear in case the aliens do not provide a proper atmosphere for humans.
   The Looking Glasses transmit an image to the humans when the heptapods activate it. The humans are not afraid of them. The heptapods are actually inside the shell and appear to float/swim/stand in a liquid. The humans entering the Shell are frightened at first but eventually calm down.
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