What's the Difference between Space Jam the Movie and Space Jam the Book?


Space Jam

Released: 1996
Director: Joe Pytka

Space Jam

Released: 1996
Author: Francine Hughes & Nancy E. Krulik
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In the Movie In the Book
Michael Jordan
Portrayed by: Himself
Michael Jordan
Bugs Bunny
Portrayed by: Billy West
Bugs Bunny
Space Jam Movie vs Book
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In the Movie In the Book
   In the movie Bugs Bunny says "I'll be with you in a second folks, after I finish with nature boy here." before the Nerdlucks' landed in Looney Toon land. In the novelization Bugs Bunny says to the Nerdlucks "I'll be with you in a second folks, after I finish with nature boy here."
   In the movie the Nerdlucks' names aren't mentioned in film. In the movie the Nerdlucks' names are mention.
   When Stan was taking Michael Jordan home, his car didn't make noises and it didn't seem old. In the novelization it does.
   Lola walks right into the gym, as if she is barely getting there. She was hiding in the back.
   Lola is confident and outgoing. And doesn't automatically becomes attracted to Bugs. Also does not giggle a lot. She is shy with a little spunk, and immediately becomes attracted to Bugs. And giggles a lot.
   At the Nerdlucks ceremony in Looney Toon town hall on Bugs Bunny is in chains on stage. Both Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny are on stage.
   At the Nerdluck's ceremony, Yosemite Sam gets zapped and scorched. In the novelization, Yosemite Sam gets shrunk.
   Billy Murray is in the film as himself. Bill Murray is not mentioned in the novelization.
   Michael Jordan is very withdrawn with his emotions and less animated. He is very emotional at times and even in the human world he is very animated.
   In the movie Michael Jordan has a maid. The maid is not in the novelization.
   The Nerdlucks obtain the NBA players' talents through a glowing basketball. The Nerdlucks drink a purple ooze.
   Porky Pig says "Correction, we're Looney Toons" Daffy says it.
   The Nerdlocks merely touch the ball and turn into the Monstars. The Nerdlocks drink a purple ooze.
   Stan is less helpful to Michael Jordan in the book. Stan is overly helpful.
   The end of the game actor Bill Murray joins the Toon Squad. Road Runner joins the Toon Squad.
   When Michael Jordan leaves Looney Toon Land, he tells Bugs Bunny to stay out of trouble. Bugs waits until Michael leaves and makes out with Lola Bunny. This never happens.
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