What's the Difference between Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters the Book and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters the Movie?


Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters

Released: 2006
Author: Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Released: 2013
Director: Thor Freudenthal
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In the Book In the Movie
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson
Portrayed by: Logan Lerman
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase
Portrayed by: Alexandra Daddario
Luke Castellan
Luke Castellan
Portrayed by: Jake Abel
Grover Underwood
Grover Underwood
Portrayed by: Brandon T Jackson
Portrayed by: sean bean
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The Party Ponies rescue Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson from Princess Andromeda. The Party Ponies do not appear.
   The great prophecy says that Percy will save or destroy Olympus by his 16th birthday. It is his 21st birthday.
   Annabeth is wounded by Polyphemus. She is killed by the Manticore.
   Ethan Nakamura does not appear until later books. He first appears in this movie.
   The Sirens are evil and attempt to lure Percy and Annabeth. They only appear selling coffee and juice.
   A character is named the Princess Andromeda. She is named The Andromeda.
   Percy doesn't hear the prophecy until the last book. Percy hears the prophecy
   In the book the reference in the big prophecy to the curse blade that shall reap the soul is not Percy's blade. Percy's sword is the cursed blade referred to in the prophecy.
   Percy's blade is not the blade used to cut Kronos up in the first place. It was not Poseidon's sword, it belonged to Hercules. Percy's blade was the one used to cut Kronos up into pieces and was Poseidon's before it came to Percy.
   Silena Bouregaurd is not outed as a traitor until almost the end of the last book. She was a key factor. And was outed at the final battle. She is outed in this book onboard Luke's cruise ship.
   Tyson was not shot with an arrow, he was thought to be dead because of the explosion on Clarisse's ship. He was shot with an arrow.
   They were not swallowed by Charbodryis upon entry to the sea of monsters. They were swallowed by Charbodryis.
   Percy met Tyson at his school where he set the gym on fire and Annabeth came to get him for camp. Movie starts at camp with Tyson showing up later.
   Grover was missing from the beginning of the book as he went on his search for Pan. He used his empathy link with Percy to show him where he was to get his help so he wouldn't have to be eaten or marry Polyphemus. Luke captures Grover and sends him into the sea of monsters to Polyphemus's island. There is no mention of the empathy link.
   Percy and Annabeth end up in an Island after their ship was destroyed. There they meet Circe. Percy was turned into a guinea pig but Annabeth managed to save him This never happen in the movie
   Polyphemus has two herds of sheep. ON herd of regular and one herd of flesh-eating sheep that Percy, Annabeth. Tyson and Grover have to maneuver through to get to Polyphemus's lair. All the sheep are gone ( eaten ) by Polyphemus
   Grover is out looking for Pan, and Clairesse does not take a satyr with her on the quest. There is no mention of Satyrs being attracted to the fleece. Satyrs are the only ones that can lead the demi-gods to the fleece, because they are naturally attracted to it, says Dionysus.
   in the book annabeth, percy, and tyson fight the hydra and find a monster donut shop. NO MENTION!!!!!!!!!
   Demigods are NOT supposed to use communication devices. Annabeth is seen using a tablet to find a cure for Thalia's Tree.
   They each get their own hippocampus. Rainbow is the only hippocampus there.
   Reyna No Reyna
   Kronos whispers into the ear of his victims and is very smart with his plan in a plan. Kronos doesn't have a brain and just wants to eat everyone, including his allies.
   The Princess Andromeda is a huge cruise ship full with monsters, enemy demigods and dazed mortals. Luke's boat is pretty much just a small fishing boat.
   Luke did not get the Fleece, and Kronos was never resurrected in this book. Luke gets the Fleece and Kronos is put back together.
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