What's the Difference between Night of the Living Dead the Movie Original and Night of the Living Dead the Movie ReMake ?


Night of the Living Dead

Released: 1968
Director: George A. Romero

Night of the Living Dead

Released: 1990
Director: Tom Savini
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In the Movie In the Movie
Portrayed by: Duane Jones
Portrayed by: Tony Todd
Portrayed by: Judith O'Dea
Portrayed by: Patricia Tallman
Harry Cooper
Portrayed by: Karl Hardman
Harry Cooper
Portrayed by: Tom Towles
Helen Cooper
Portrayed by: Marilyn Eastman
Helen Cooper
Portrayed by: McKee Anderson
Portrayed by: Keith Wayne
Tom Bitner
Portrayed by: William Butler
Portrayed by: Judith Ridley
Judy Rose Larson
Portrayed by: Katie Finneran
Karen Cooper
Portrayed by: Kyra Schon
Sarah Cooper
Portrayed by: Heather Mazur
Cemetery Zombie
Portrayed by: Bill Hinzman
Cemetery Zombie
Portrayed by: Greg Funk
Portrayed by: Russell Streiner
Portrayed by: Bill Moseley
Night of the Living Dead Movie vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Movie In the Movie
   Barbara and Johnny go to visit their deceased father's grave. It's their deceased mother.
   Johnny begins taunting Barbara after placing the flowers on their fathers grave. He taunts her as soon as they get to the cemetery.
   Barbara is attacked outright by a zombie when walking through the cemetery. She and Johnny first encounter an injured old man.
   There is only one zombie that chases Barbara in the cemetery. There are two.
   Barbara is scared and traumatized throughout the whole movie and does little to help out. Barbara in general is a much more tough and independent character.
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