What's the Difference between Moby-Dick or The Whale the Book and Moby Dick the Movie?

Action Adventure

Moby-Dick or The Whale

Released: 1851
Author: Herman Melville

Moby Dick

Released: 1956
Director: John Huston
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Richard Basehart
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab
Portrayed by: Gregory Peck
Portrayed by: Leo Genn
Portrayed by: Harry Andrews
Portrayed by: Seamus Kelly
Portrayed by: Friedrich von Ledebur
Portrayed by: Tom Clegg
Portrayed by: Edric Connor
"Pip" Pippin
Portrayed by: Tamba Allenby
This Character does not appear.
Captain Boomer
Captain Boomer
Portrayed by: James Robertson Justice
Father Mapple
Father Mapple
Portrayed by: Orson Welles
Moby Dick Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The Pequod crew spot and outrun a pirate ship while sailing near southeast Asia. This does not happen.
   Ahab damages his false leg after meeting with Captain Boomer, and has the ship's carpenter make him a new one. This does not happen.
   The final hunt for Moby Dick lasts three days. It happens in a single day.
   Queequeg fasts for an entire day while he and Ishmael are in Nantucket. Queequeg doesn't fast.
   Ishmael, the narrator, goes into excruciating detail about his own perceptions and interpretations of the technical and ethereal aspects of whaling. This is not shown.
   Starbuck considers shooting Ahab with a musket through the wall of his cabin. Starbuck contemplates shooting him on deck, while he talks.
   The whale only appears during the finale. Moby Dick is sighted several days before the final hunt, managing to escape.
   The sailors spot a giant squid, declaring its haunting white frame to be more impacting than that of the whale. No giant squid.
   Queequeg falls ill with a fever and is expected to die for several days. Queequeg "senses death is near" and stops everything to wait for it.
   Ahab claims the doubloon for himself, as he is the one who sights the white whale during the final hunt. Ahab gives the doubloon to the first sailor who sighted the white whale.
   Queequeg has a small wooden idol named Yojo whom he worships and carries as a charm. Queequeg has no idol.
   The Pequod encounters several ships on the high seas, trading stories with them and asking for the whereabouts of the white whale. The Pequod only encounters the Samuel Enderby, whose captain lost his arm to Moby Dick, and the Rachel, whose captain lost a son to the whale.
   Ahab has the ship's blacksmith, Perth, forge him a special harpoon blade which he intends to use to cut down Moby Dick. Ahab uses regular harpoons.
   Starbuck is reluctant to Ahab's plan throughout the finale. Starbuck's final act is to encourage the men to keep attacking Moby Dick even after Ahab's demise.
   Ahab is killed when the rope from his harpoon becomes entangled around his neck like a noose and pulls him underwater after Moby Dick. Ahab clings to the side of the whale, stabbing it several times before becoming entangled in the ropes hanging from its side, drowning afterwards.
   Moby Dick shatters all boats but Ahab's during the final day of the hunt. The boats are still afloat after Ahab's demise, and they decide to continue on after Moby Dick.
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