What's the Difference between Green Lantern the Comic Book and Green Lantern the Movie?

Science Fiction

Green Lantern

Released: 1940
Publisher: DC Comics

Green Lantern

Released: 2011
Director: Martin Campbell
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In the Comic Book In the Movie
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan
Portrayed by: Ryan Renolds
Green Lantern Comic Book vs Movie
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In the Comic Book In the Movie
   Abin Sur looks like a bald human who is a shade of magenta. He looks like his skin has been removed and he is an anatomy dummy.
   Hal Jordan is not afraid to take on the responsibility of being the first human Green Lantern. Hal spends much of the film trying to overcome the fear he feels from the responsibility.
   Abin Sur crashes in the desert before giving his ring to Jordan and dying. He goes down in a swamp.
   Sur's ship is damaged in a fight with Atrocitus and he crashes. He dies from his wounds. Abin is done in by Parallax.
   Hector Hammond is hired to investigate Abin Sur's space ship and gets blasted by it's thrusters. He is hired to study Sur's corpse. He is infected by the fear toxin that killed Abin Sur but doesn't die.

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