What's the Difference between Footloose the Movie Original and Footloose the Movie ReMake ?



Released: 1984
Director: Herbert Ross


Released: 2011
Director: Craig Brewer
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In the Movie In the Movie
Ren McCormack
Portrayed by: Kevin Bacon
Ren McCormack
Portrayed by: Kenny Wormald
Portrayed by: Chris Penn
Portrayed by: Miles Teller
Ariel Moore
Portrayed by: Lori Singer
Ariel Moore
Portrayed by: Jullianne Hough
Portrayed by: Sarah Jessica Parker
Portrayed by: Ziah Colon
Portrayed by: John Laughlin
Portrayed by: Ser'Darius Blain
Portrayed by: some person
Portrayed by: somebody
Amy Warnicker
Portrayed by: Mimi Broadhead
Amy Warnicker
Portrayed by: Maggie Elizabeth Jones
Sarah Warnicker
Portrayed by: Meghan Broadhead
Sarah Warnicker
Portrayed by: Mary-Charles Jones
Footloose Movie vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Movie In the Movie
   Ren is smoking a cigarette before he dances in the warehouse. He is drinking a bottle of beer. He isn't smoking. He has a several cans of beer.
   Ren drives a VW beetle. It is the car he and his mother arrived in. Ren is given the old beat up VW beetle by his uncle. He fixes it up and fixes the stereo.
   Ren is practicing gymnastics when he asks Willard about Ariel. Willard says she has been kissed a lot. They are fixing Ren's car when he asks about Ariel. Later when Ren is talking to Ariel, she asks if he thinks she is a slut, and he says she has been kissed a lot.
   The town of Bomont is in the mountains. The state is never mentioned, but it was filmed in Utah. The town of Bomont is in Georgia.
   In the school, Ariel gives Ren a Bible with some parts about dance highlighted. Ariel gives Ren a Bible with some parts about dance highlighted instead a musical box after fight with Chuck and her father.
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