What's the Difference between Footloose the Movie Original and Footloose the Movie ReMake ?



Released: 1984
Director: Herbert Ross


Released: 2011
Director: Craig Brewer
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In the Movie In the Movie
Ren McCormack
Portrayed by: Kevin Bacon
Ren McCormack
Portrayed by: Kenny Wormald
Portrayed by: Chris Penn
Portrayed by: Miles Teller
Ariel Moore
Portrayed by: Lori Singer
Ariel Moore
Portrayed by: Jullianne Hough
Portrayed by: Sarah Jessica Parker
Portrayed by: Ziah Colon
Portrayed by: John Laughlin
Portrayed by: Ser'Darius Blain
Portrayed by: some person
Portrayed by: somebody
Amy Warnicker
Portrayed by: Mimi Broadhead
Amy Warnicker
Portrayed by: Maggie Elizabeth Jones
Sarah Warnicker
Portrayed by: Meghan Broadhead
Sarah Warnicker
Portrayed by: Mary-Charles Jones
Footloose Movie vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Movie In the Movie
   Ren and Willard are driving and listening to music. They are pulled over by the police and Ren gets a 25$ ticket. Ren is alone after fixing up his car and is blasting the music. He is pulled over and gets a summons to appear before a judge for disturbing the peace.
   Ariel apologizes to her father about listening to music. He is listening to chamber music and she starts to ask him about it, but it is awkward. This doesn't happen.
   Chuck blocks Ren's car with his truck and asks him about his tie. He says only pansies wear ties and I thought only assholes use the word pansies. Chuck is angry. Chuck challenges Ren to come and race. While there Chuck calls Ren a faggot. Ren says "I thought only assholes use the word faggot."
   Ren gets a job at a flour mill. He asks if he can start on Thursday, and the owner begrudgingly accepts. Ren gets a job at a cotton gin. The owner asks if he can start on Thursday, and Ren accepts.
   Ariel tells Ren to meet Chuck at his Daddy's field. He is to meet at his Racetrack.
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