What's the Difference between Footloose the Movie Original and Footloose the Movie ReMake ?



Released: 1984
Director: Herbert Ross


Released: 2011
Director: Craig Brewer
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In the Movie In the Movie
Ren McCormack
Portrayed by: Kevin Bacon
Ren McCormack
Portrayed by: Kenny Wormald
Portrayed by: Chris Penn
Portrayed by: Miles Teller
Ariel Moore
Portrayed by: Lori Singer
Ariel Moore
Portrayed by: Jullianne Hough
Portrayed by: Sarah Jessica Parker
Portrayed by: Ziah Colon
Portrayed by: John Laughlin
Portrayed by: Ser'Darius Blain
Portrayed by: some person
Portrayed by: somebody
Amy Warnicker
Portrayed by: Mimi Broadhead
Amy Warnicker
Portrayed by: Maggie Elizabeth Jones
Sarah Warnicker
Portrayed by: Meghan Broadhead
Sarah Warnicker
Portrayed by: Mary-Charles Jones
Footloose Movie vs Movie
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In the Movie In the Movie
   Ren is from Chicago. He is from Boston.
   Ren moves to Bomont with his Mother. They live with his Aunt and Uncle. Ren's mother has died of Leukemia in Boston and his Aunt and Uncle agree to take him in.
   Ariel asks her father if she can go for a soda with her friends after church. Instead she drives with them and her boyfriend pulls up next to them in his truck. She climbs out the window of the moving car and grabs on to the truck. She is standing between the two cars as they drive down the highway. A transport truck comes and almost kills her. He asks her father if she can go to Rusty's house for an all night study session. Instead they go to the racetrack to watch Chuck win the race and she grabs the checkered flag and jumps into his car and hangs out the side as he races around the track.
   After church someone approaches the preacher and tells him that they want to have the kids read Kurt Vonnegut's book, Slaughter House Five. Ren says it is a classic, but the people all look at him funny, and say that in other towns it might be a classic, but not there. There is no mention of any books.
   Ariel and her friends go to a local hamburger joint and she takes out a ghetto blaster and starts playing some music. Everyone starts dancing. Ren isn't there. At the local drive-in, after the police leave the owner takes a bootleg rap/dance CD and plays the music over the speakers and everyone has a dance off in a circle. There is lots of acrobatic dancing. Ren dances with Ariel suggestively in front of Chuck, making him angry.
   Reverend Moore catches his daughter dancing. He turns off the music and then leaves disappointed. The owner of the drive in sees the Preacher and turns off the music. He calls Ariel over the loudspeaker to come to the front to be picked up by her father. Reverend Moore takes her home.
   Ren drives a VW beetle. It is the car he and his mother arrived in. Ren is given the old beat up VW beetle by his uncle. He fixes it up and fixes the stereo.
   Ren bangs in to Willard in the hall way at school. Willard is angry. Ren comments on his hat and Willard finds it funny and asks his name. They bang into each other. Willard finds Ren's Boston accent strange, and Ren tells Willard that his Georgia accent is strange to him. Willard looks at his schedule and takes him to his class.
   Over lunch Ren tells Willard a story about his trip to a Chicago bar where he dances with a girl and then fools around with her in her car. In the end he is lying to Willard, but tells him that they did dance. Ren tells Willard he went to Russia with his gymnastics team and went to a club and danced with a bunch of girls and two of them took him into the bathroom stall and made out with him. This is a lie. But they did dance.
   At school Willard tells Ren that dancing is against the law. There was an accident about 5 or 6 years ago and the town blamed dancing. Ren is in his garage with Willard and Woody and they tell him about the dance ban. The accident happened 3 years before.
   Ren and Willard are driving and listening to music. They are pulled over by the police and Ren gets a 25$ ticket. Ren is alone after fixing up his car and is blasting the music. He is pulled over and gets a summons to appear before a judge for disturbing the peace.
   Ariel apologizes to her father about listening to music. He is listening to chamber music and she starts to ask him about it, but it is awkward. This doesn't happen.
   Chuck blocks Ren's car with his truck and asks him about his tie. He says only pansies wear ties and I thought only assholes use the word pansies. Chuck is angry. Chuck challenges Ren to come and race. While there Chuck calls Ren a faggot. Ren says "I thought only assholes use the word faggot."
   Ren gets a job at a flour mill. He asks if he can start on Thursday, and the owner begrudgingly accepts. Ren gets a job at a cotton gin. The owner asks if he can start on Thursday, and Ren accepts.
   Ariel tells Ren to meet Chuck at his Daddy's field. He is to meet at his Racetrack.
   Ren is practicing gymnastics when he asks Willard about Ariel. Willard says she has been kissed a lot. They are fixing Ren's car when he asks about Ariel. Later when Ren is talking to Ariel, she asks if he thinks she is a slut, and he says she has been kissed a lot.
   Chuck and Ariel seem to have had sex in the woods on a blanket. She seems very comfortable with it. After Chuck wins a car race, he is trying to get into her pants in his trailer. She tells him no at first, then relents.
   Ren and Chuck play chicken with tractors. Ariel throws Chuck's hat in the air to start. Ren's shoelace gets stuck and he winds up winning when Chuck jumps off. Chuck, Ren and two others have a four way school bus race. Ariel takes off her green shirt to wave as a start flag. Ren's brakes don't work and he end up crashing into Chuck and then wins.
   Rich gives Ren a joint in an empty classroom. A teacher sees him but he flushes it. This happens in the library. Ren has to go to the principals office and the police are there.
   After the joint incident Ren gets grief from his uncle and he brings up his father. Ren gets upset and storms out to dance in the warehouse. During the meeting with the principal and police they discuss his mother and Ren gets angry and leaves. He goes dancing then.
   Ren is smoking a cigarette before he dances in the warehouse. He is drinking a bottle of beer. He isn't smoking. He has a several cans of beer.
   Ariel stands on the train tracks in front of a slow moving train screaming with her hand up. The train is moving much faster and she simply stands on the tracks.
   Ren is kicked off the gymnastics team after he brings Ariel home late. Ren is on the football team, but doesn't get kicked off.
   Willard and Rusty sit and watch Ariel and Ren dance at the out of town club. Later Rusty jumps up and joins the dancing. Someone starts dancing with Rusty and Willard takes offence and the guy punches him in the face. Rusty dances with the others from the beginning. They are doing country line dancing. Ren takes Willard to get some line dancing lessons. Someone grabs Rusty's butt and that starts the fight. Rusty smashes a beer bottle over someone's head.
   Ariel tells the story of the accident when they are on the bridge. She says two cars filled with kids played car tag and they lost control and both went over the side of the bridge and they died. They talk about the accident, but at the beginning of the movie we see the kids leaving a party and driving. There is only one car and it is hit head on by a transport truck.
   Rev. Shaw tells Ariel he called Rusty's and found out she wasn't there. They have fight about him checking up on her and he slaps her in the face. He doesn't find out about their trip to the bar. He slaps her in the face later when she is assaulted by Chuck and she tells him that she isn't a virgin.
   Ren is trying to get support for the dance at a convenience store when several of Chuck's friends grab him and hold him down. Woody comes to his aid and he escapes. This doesn't happen.
   Ren teaches Willard to dance during a musical montage and "Let's Hear it For The Boy" is playing. Ren's cousins sing the song on a Barbie karaoke machine during the montage.
   After Ariel is beaten up by Chuck she meets Ren and she gives him a music box and they kiss. Ariel is at the church with her mother after the assault when her father comes in. They have a fight, and he slaps her in the face when she says she isn't a virgin. After that she meets Ren and she gives him her bible with certain passages highlighted in preparation for his meeting at the town council.
   Ren starts trying to get a dance at the school. He wants to overturn the dance ban. He tells the Reverend after a town council meeting. Then he prints fliers and cards that he distributes at the school.
   Someone throws a brick with "Burn in Hell" written on it through the window of Ren's cousin's room. His uncle is very upset at him. His mother loses her job because her boss heard he was a trouble maker. This doesn't happen.
   Ren has a conversation with his mother about his reasons for trying to get the dance. He says it is because after trying to do things so his father wouldn't leave, and he left anyway, he wanted to do something that would really change. He has the conversation with his Aunt Lulu. He says he did so much for his mother when she was sick, that now he wanted to be able to make a difference.
   At the town meeting, Chuck Cranston's father, Burlington is a member or the council. Ren's uncle agrees that the dance is a bad idea. Chuck's dad isn't there. The principal of the School, Roger is on the council. Ren's uncle is in his corner.
   Ariel goes and watches her father practice his sermon. They then have a fight and she tells him she isn't a virgin. Someone runs in and tells the Reverend that they are burning books. Several of the townspeople are burning books from the public library. The Reverend goes and stops them. Ren is the one who goes to watch the Reverend practice his sermon. There is never any mention of book burning. Ariel tells her father she isn't a virgin earlier, and he slaps her in the face.
   Ren and all his friends ride to the flour factory on motorcycles to fix it up for the dance. Only the high school students are there to clean up. They drive in cars and there is one ATV visible. The owner of the cotton gin and Woody's uncle from the drive in are there helping. So are Ren's cousins and lots of town folk.
   Ren goes to pick up Ariel for the dance and as he tries to open the door he realizes it is locked, so he goes around and opens it and lets her in. The door is jammed and won't open. So Ren lifts her up and puts her in through the open window.
   Reverend and Mrs. Moore go to the warehouse and watch from afar. They dance together. They don't go to the dance. They dance together when the watch Ren pick up Ariel and leave for the dance.
   Willard and Rusty arrive at the dance and willard isn't wearing a hat. Chuck and his buddies beat him up. Ren comes out and joins with Willard in beating them all up. Willard is wearing his cowboy hat and when Chuck and his buddies beat him up, Chuck calls in for Ren to come out. At the end of the fight when one of Chuck's buddies is about to hit Ren with a brick, the owner of the Cotton Gin grabs his hand and knocks him out telling him to fight fair.
   The town of Bomont is in the mountains. The state is never mentioned, but it was filmed in Utah. The town of Bomont is in Georgia.
   Everyone in the movie is Caucasian. There is a diverse cast. There are many African-Americans in the town.
   In the school, Ariel gives Ren a Bible with some parts about dance highlighted. Ariel gives Ren a Bible with some parts about dance highlighted instead a musical box after fight with Chuck and her father.
   When Ren and Willard were fighting with Chuck and his buddies, Rusty and Ariel are only watching and screaming. When Ren and Willard were fighting with Chuck and his buddies, Rusty and Ariel are fighting with them too.
   Ariel´s family don´t know that Chuck punch her. Only Ren know it. Ariel´s family and Ren know that Chuck punch her.
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