What's the Difference between Fight Club the Book and Fight Club the Movie?


Fight Club

Released: 1996
Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club

Released: 1999
Director: David Fincher
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In the Book In the Movie
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden
Portrayed by: Brad Pitt
The Narrator
The Narrator
Portrayed by: Edward Norton
Marla Singer
Marla Singer
Portrayed by: Helena Bonham Carter
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson
Portrayed by: Meatloaf Adai
Portrayed by: Rachel Singer
Angel face
Angel face
Portrayed by: Jared Leto
Fight Club Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The narrator meets Tyler Durden on the beach as he is falling asleep. Tyler is building a wooden structure that causes a large shadow of a hand to be cast on the beach. Tyler is sitting next to the narrator as he returns from a business trip. They realize they have the same briefcase.
   After his apartment blows up the narrator calls Tyler from the lobby. He first calls Marla but hangs up after she answers without talking to her. He then calls Tyler who doesn't answer, but uses *69 to call him back. He calls from a phone booth.
   The narrator goes to a bar with Tyler and asks if he can stay with him. He beats around the bush and Tyler tells him to just ask if he can stay with him.
   When Tyler asks the narrator to hit him the first time he hits him in the neck. He hits him in the ear.
   This doesn't happen. The Narrator and Tyler hit golf balls in the front yard of the Paper St house.
   The narrator reads a series of books with Joe's body parts. It is Jack.
   Chloe tells the narrator about her desire for sex one last time in a one on one cry session. Chloe stands up in front of the whole group and begs pathetically for sex.
   This does not happen. Tyler and the Narrator discuss famous figures they would like to fight. The talk about William Shatner, Gandhi, and Abe Lincoln.
   Tyler answers the phone when Marla calls about her suicide attempt. The narrator only learns of this later. The Narrator takes the original call, but does nothing and leaves the phone off the hook. Tyler then comes along and picks it up and listens.
   During a fight the narrator's cheek is torn and a hole is visible for the rest of the story. This doesn't happen.
   The narrator forces a convenience store clerk to change his life by threatening his life. This happens after Tyler has left. Tyler does the human sacrifice with the narrator watching helplessly. Tyler takes the man's license, and near the end of the film we see the back of the narrator's door is covered with licenses indicating that he did it many times over.
   Marla's mother sends fat from her liposuction procedures that Tyler uses to make soap. Tyler and the narrator sneak into a plastic surgeon's office and steal huge bags of fat for their soap production.
   Tyler and the narrator start project mayhem together. The narrator is a willing participant. The narrator is somewhat disturbed to see how far project mayhem is going and has a confrontation with Tyler about starting it without him.
   Marla eventually gets a lye burn on the back of her hand. She questions why the narrator has one, and doesn't get one herself.
   The narrator beats a man to a bloody pulp because he is envious of his good looks. Angel face is seen as taking the Narrator's place as Tyler's friend, so the narrator freaks out and beats his face to a pulp. He tells Tyler "I felt like destroying something beautiful."
   A member of project mayhem drives the car in the game of chicken. Tyler drives the car.
   Bob is killed while robbing money from payphones. He is killed during a mission to destroy art and a coffee shop.
   The narrator tells Marla about his split personality and asks for her help in dealing with it. He puts Marla on a bus to get her away from danger.
   Tyler uses explosives to kill the narrator's boss. This doesn't happen.
   The plan was to bring the tallest building down on top of a museum. Project mayhem wants to reset the public debt to zero by blowing up all the major credit card companies.
   Marla and the narrator/Tyler have a confrontation in front of one of the cancer support groups. Marla tells them that he doesn't have cancer. This doesn't happen.
   The narrator keeps fighting in fight clubs over and over again to try and beat Tyler out of him. The narrator and Tyler have a visible fight in the basement of the building where Tyler wants to watch all the credit card company building go down.
   Tyler's plan is to be in side the building as it blows up so he can be a martyr. The building fails to blow up. Tyler only wanted to watch it happen. Project mayhem succeeds in blowing up all the buildings as the Narrator and Marla watch them fall.
   The narrator shoots himself in the mouth in front of the support group and Marla. He does it in the building alone with Tyler. Marla shows up moments later.
   The shot to his mouth tears his other cheek. The matching holes in his face make him look like the joker. He only has the one hole in his face from the bullet.
   The narrator ends up in a mental institution where members of Project mayhem indicate that they are still carrying out the wishes of Tyler Durden. The film ends prior to seeing the outcome. The last shot is of the buildings crashing down. And a giant penis.
   While Tyler and the Narrator wait for the buildings to explode, members of Project Mayhem are pushing filing cabinets out of the windows of the Parker Morris building. They tumble to the street. They wait together, but no members of project mayhem push the filing cabinets out of the windows.
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