What's the Difference between Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas the Book and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas the Movie?


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Released: 1971
Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Released: 1998
Director: Terry Gilliam
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In the Book In the Movie
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke
Portrayed by: Johnny Depp
Dr. Gonzo
Dr. Gonzo
Portrayed by: Benicio Del Torro
Portrayed by: Christina Ricci
Woman on Elevator
Woman on Elevator
Portrayed by: Cameron Diaz
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Raoul and Dr. Gonzo go to the Beverly Hills office of the sporting magazine to pick up 300 dollars for their trip. This scene is omitted and they just have money.
   When Raoul tells Dr. Gonzo they are going to the Mint 400 and it is a motorcycle race they discuss getting a motorcycle for the job. Raoul suggests a Vincent Black Shadow. They talk about getting a motorcycle, but fail to mention the Vincent Black Shadow.
   They leave the bar and discuss the Mint 400. As they leave the bar after getting the assignment, the Dwarf chases after them because they have skipped out on the bill. They get in Raoul's pinto and pull away. There is a man dressed as an angel holding a flaming sword.
   The pair locate a store that will sell them the special radio equipment. They are delayed when a sting ray killed a pedestrian. They arrive and complete the transaction through a slit in the door. They are told to go away, and Dr. Gonzo threatens them with violence. They are delayed attempting to get the radio when the stingray kills the pedestrian. The transaction at the store is not shown.
   While renting the car the rental agency man is questioning if they have been drinking. Raoul says he isn't. Dr. Gonzo snaps and tells him to fill the gas tank because they are in a hurry to get to Las Vegas. The rental agency man says "What?" and Raoul says never mind and races off into traffic. The two discuss the man's mental state. The rental agency man questions if they have been drinking. They ignore him and drive off.
   Raoul suggests they get some Priest's robes for the trip. Dr. Gonzo doesn't think it's a good idea. It isn't mentioned.
   Raoul has the notion to sign the Red Shark over to the Okie hitchhiker and fly to Miami and keep going. But he has plans for the car. He would like to do some drag racing on the strip. This isn't talked about.
   Dr. Gonzo pulls over and is having an attack. Raoul says "We can't stop here! This is bat country!" Raoul just asks what is wrong.
   When the Hitchhiker jumps out of the back of the convertible the music is playing loudly and it is difficult to hear. There is no music playing.
   Dr. Gonzo tells the kid that he is going to kill Savage Henry. He then cracks another amyl under his nose and says it is good medicine. As he talks about Savage Henry, Dr. Gonzo pulls a .357 Magnum out of a brown paper bag and pulls the trigger.
   After spilling half the cocaine and eating the acid, Dr. Gonzo take some cocaine with a rolled up twenty down in the salt shaker. He licks the briefcase that still has a cocaine residue on it.
   Raoul and Dr. Gonzo tell a DA from Georgia a wild story about Satanists in LA decapitating a 16 year old girl who worked at McDonalds. They cut holes in her body and drank the blood. They said they were after the pineal gland. As Raoul is checking in with a head full of acid he sees a man talking on the phone. The floor is moving all around. The man is having a conversation and he is telling the story about the Satanists killing the girl and drinking her blood.
   While checking in Raoul sees the woman's face with green jowls and fangs. The face of a moray eel. Her face is pulsating, but not fangs or change of color.
   While Raoul waits at the bar, Dr. Gonzo goes to talk to Lacerda. He returns and has been crying. He told Lacerda about Savage Henry and the Vincent Black Shadow. Dr. Gonzo returns after being gone for a minute. After they get to their suite, Lacerda comes to their room and talks about the Mint 400. Both men are too stoned to make any sense.
   After checking in, Duke and Gonzo go out to the Mint Gun club. They hear the men shooting shotguns and Duke checks out all the different types of motorcycles. They don't go out. When Lacerda is in their room, Duke sees him as a soldier with gun fire going off. Lacerda talks about the different Motorcycles exactly as Duke does in the book.
   Earlier Duke has a line in his notebook. Kill the body and the head will die. Then he discusses the state of the world, with both Kennedy's dead and then talks about Joe Frazier as a piece of human hamburger. Duke has a conversation with another reporter in the press tent before the beginning of the Mint 400. They say these same things to each other.
   While out covering the race in the press bronco, two dune buggies with american flags and other decals all over them, full of men who look like petty officers from San Diego stop them. They demand to know where the race is happening. One jeep with three men stops them. They have a dead deer on the hood.
   The driver of the bronco slams on the brakes and Duke spills his beer on his crotch. He yells that the driver is fired. Lacerda is with Duke and he demands they keep going to get total coverage. Duke tells him he is fired. His beer is full of dust and is a sludge he pours out as they leave him in the desert.
   Duke and Gonzo go to see Debbie Reynolds. They park right in front of the building and are yelled at by the valet. They jump out and give them a 5 dollar tip to park the car. They tell them they are old friends of Debbie's and used to romp with her. They park in front and pay the valet. They go inside and Gonzo tells the man in front of the theater that they are old friends of Debbie's and used to romp with her.
   Before going into the Circus Circus, Duke and Gonzo huff some ether from a soaked kleenex. They soak a small american flag and huff the ether from that.
   In the Circus Circus, Duke envisions a Nazi broadcast 200 feet tall saying "Woodstock Uber Alles!" He doesn't have the vision.
   When the return to their hotel room after the Circus Circus, their key doesn't work. Eventually the door swings open and after a brief hesitation they go inside. The key doesn't work, and Duke grabs a room service cart and rams it into the back of Dr. Gonzo and the door flies open and they fall inside.
   Dr. Gonzo tells Duke that he believes Lacerda had got a hold of the woman he met in the elevator before. Duke is snorting cocaine during this scene.
   The elevator is crowded with race people when Dr. Gonzo has the encounter with the woman working with the TV series about the race. Dr. Gonzo is wearing a black jacket and he yells threats at all the people until Duke pulls him out of the elevator. The elevator only contains Gonzo, Duke, Lacerda, the woman and her cameraman and soundman. Gonzo is wearing a red polo shirt and he pulls a knife on Lacerda and threatens him. We don't see him get pulled off the elevator by Duke.
   When they are in the room after the encounter in the elevator, Dr. Gonzo says “God damn,” he said. “It’s serious now. That girl understood. She fell in love with me.” He ads "Eye contact."
   Duke tells Gonzo to take a shower. He says he will be back in 20 minutes. He just leaves.
   After Duke leaves Dr. Gonzo in the room he passes the man from Life Magazine dictating his story over a pay phone. Then he goes and finds the red shark where he parked it. He takes it to the garage and checks it in and tells them to give it a wax, and bill the room. He just returns to the room.
   When Raoul returns to the room he finds his attorney submerged in green water and listening to Three Dog Night playing Joy to the World. Gonzo tells him to play "White Rabbit" and threatens him with the knife. After Duke agrees and asks for 2 hours to sleep, Gonzo agrees for his normal rate of 45$ an hour, but tells him he can just leave a 100 dollar bill. Duke asks if he will take a check. Gonzo agrees. He is listening to some other music. Gonzo asks for White Rabbit, and splashes the water. Duke agrees and asks for the 2 hours and leaves the room to try and sleep under a cardboard box.
   After throwing the grapefruit into the tub and running out of the bathroom, Duke grabs his kit bag and fetches his mace and threatens to spray Dr. Gonzo with it. The can of mace is sitting on a table and Duke grabs it. As Dr. Gonzo comes out of the bathroom, Duke grabs a megaphone and uses it to deliver his threat about mace.
   Raoul describes a time when he lived next to a Dr. who experimented with LSD. He went to visit him and tried to get him to help him get high. This is left out completely.
   Duke recalls spilling LSD on his red Pendleton shirt and having a member of the band suck it off. He wonders what would happen if a young stock broker type wandered in a saw it happening. He calls it a red woolen shirt, and the young stock broker does see it happening.
   Raoul prepares to leave Vegas to avoid his huge hotel bill. Gonzo has left already. He borrowed 25 dollars and Duke drove him to the airport where he spent the rest of his money on garbage. Then he realizes his attorney has left the .357 magnum in his briefcase. Then he returns to the hotel and cashes a check for 50$ and orders room service. He wakes up to room service coming in with his food. He has the can of mace in one hand and the .357 in the other. He has a Z drawn on his forehead in ketchup. He points the gun at the room service waiter and kicks him out without eating the food. He mentions Dr. Gonzo leaving, then he leaves himself.
   As the Red Shark is being delivered and Duke thinks he is about to escape, the front desk clerk yells out to him. He sags, but then the clerk gives him the telegram from Gonzo about attending the Narcotics seminar. He curses and then lets the clerk know he understands and everything will be okay. He gets in the car and is driving off as the clerk yells out to him. He gives him the telegram, but he doesn't read it. He drives off.
   After receiving the telegram from Gonzo, Duke goes to a bar to relax and contemplate his next move. This doesn't happen, some of the text is rolled into the scene with the Highway patrol.
   Duke is stopped for speeding and gets off with a warning after the cop dumps out the beer he is holding. Duke asks how far Baker is, and the cop suggest he eat some seafood there. At the end of the exchange, the cop tells Duke to look at him. Then asks for a little kiss because he is lonely.
   After seeing the hitchhiker in Baker, Duke finds a phone booth between a Sinclair Station and the Majestic Diner. He calls his Attorney and tells him he will have him disbarred because of all the illegal things he has in the car. Gonzo reminds him of the telegram and he has rented a suite at the flamingo and a white Cadillac. He then goes across the street and has a Balentine's ale and talks with the bartender. The phone booth is in a junkyard surrounded by wrecked cars. Duke says nothing about disbarment and Gonzo never mentions the white Caddy. He doesn't go to a bar afterward.
   Before going back to Vegas, Duke fires the .357 three times into the desert, then gets worried. He checks his drug supplies and goes to a place to buy book and gets some ether. He fires all the bullets in the gun. Suddenly he is driving in the white Cadillac.
   Duke goes to the airport and parks the red shark. He goes into the bar and drinks a bloody mary. Then he trades the shark for the White Coup de Ville. After his phone call with Gonzo, he is seen driving the white Caddy with no mention of how he got it.
   Duke checks into the Flamingo carrying he leather satchel. He witnesses a police chief from Michigan have an altercation with the desk clerk. They call the manager who offers to call them a cab. Duke stops and everyone stares at him. He is carrying the huge case of drugs with him. The clerk has the altercation with the Police chief and the manager isn't called.
   Duke checks into the Flamingo looking bad. He is wearing old Levi's jeans, a torn Acapulco shirt. He had a three day growth of beard and is wearing mirrored sunglasses. He is wearing shorts, and has his jacket on so we can't see if his shirt is torn. He is cleanly shaven and he is wearing regular dark sunglasses. He orders some booze sent to his room and the front desk clerk tells him his name is Sven.
   Duke goes to his room in the Flamingo and opens the door. It swings open and hits Lucy. He describes her has looking like a pit bull and wearing a shapeless blue smock. Duke moves past her and sees his attorney stark naked in the bathroom door. Lucy looks ready to attach so Duke reaches into his leather satchel ready to spray her with mace. He opens the door and goes inside. Lucy grabs him by the legs and drops him to the floor and starts biting his leg. She is wearing jean shorts and a white top. Christina Ricci would never be compared to a pit bull. Gonzo is standing in the bathroom wearing a orange and purple mu-mu. Duke doesn't have his satchel, and make no move for the mace.
   Duke asks the Dr. to come with him to get the stuff out of the trunk. Gonzo puts on a shirt and pants. Duke asks in pig latin for Gonzo to join him. Gonzo doesn't change out of his mu-mu and first asks Lucy for a kiss which she refuses.
   After leaving the room, Duke and Gonzo go to the Whale and get the luggage. Gonzo accuses Duke of stealing luggage. They go back to the room and discuss the situation with Lucy. Duke imagines what would happen if Lucy tells the authorities what happened to her at the hands of Dr. Gonzo. They don't go outside. Duke explains it all to Gonzo in the hall outside the room.
   Duke and Gonzo take Lucy out to the car to try and get rid of her. They get her name and Duke goes back inside to make a reservation for her at the Americana. Duke tells them he is her uncle and she is an artist and is high strung. They drive to the airport and tell her that they are going to trade the Whale for a Mercedes. Gonzo takes her out of the car and pays a Taxi jockey 10$ to make sure his "drunk girlfriend" gets to the Americana. He also gives him another 5 for cab fare. They never leave the hotel and Duke calls from their suite to make the reservation. He tells them she is an artist, but also adds that she is doing her Master's Thesis on Barbara Streisand. They ask for her last name, and he says he would rather not say because his brother is in politics. They drive to the Graceland Wedding Chapel, and Gonzo puts Lucy in a cab himself and tells the driver to take her to the Americana. Duke is leaning on the horn the whole time.
   Duke and Gonzo return to the hotel after dropping Lucy off. There is a message from Lucy. Gonzo is vomiting in toilet and Duke tells him about the message. Duke calls the front desk and tells them that she is their case study, and to treat her kindly. Duke threatens Gonzo that he is leaving unless he does something about it for fear of what she might tell the authorities. Gonzo calls Lucy and tell her that he won the battle with Duke for her love. But the problem is that he cashed a bad check with her as a reference. He tells her to lay low, then pretends that someone has kicked the door down and acts like they are taking him away. He slams the phone down and they are done with Lucy. After that, Gonzo tells Duke about the adrenochome he has and Duke dips a matchstick into it and licks it one time only. Duke gets the message, and then tells Gonzo to deal with it. The second call comes and before Gonzo answers it he tells Duke about the small bottle of adrenochrome in his shaving kit. While Duke grabs it and takes several drops, Gonzo goes crazy on the phone scaring Lucy. Duke starts to lose his mind.
   Gonzo describes getting the adrenochrome from his satanism client after Duke takes the one tiny hit. Then Duke starts to go crazy and the drug gets on top of him. Gonzo watches and warns him to be careful. Duke actually drinks some of the adrenochrome from the bottle. Gonzo comes over and feeds him cocaine from the tip of his hunting knife while telling the story of his client. Then he feeds more cocaine on the barrel of his .357 magnum and his eyes look like cats eyes.
   After the scene where Duke gets twisted on the adrenochrome they go to the opening of the drug conference. The opening of the drug conference occurs right after they drop off Lucy, and before they return to the suite and get the message from her and Duke takes the drug.
   There are several chapters that discuss the drug conference. Duke and Gonzo sit through as much as they can stand and then take off. The talk with DA's in the bar and tell them all kinds of crazy stories about witchcraft and other bad things that drug users are doing in LA where they are pretending to be in law enforcement. There is only the one scene were they see the first speaker and watch a film that describes what Duke said might be pinned up on walls in the police stations.
   After drag racing with the Okie cops Duke fills the tires with too much air. This isn't seen.
   There are full descriptions of Duke and Gonzo's trips to the Circus Circus where Duke wants to buy an ape. Gonzo attacks the maid while in the nude and they make a deal with her. These scenes are long and fully described. The scenes are shown as quick flashbacks after Duke wakes up in the suite after his drug binge. He has the tape recorder attached to this face and body and he listens to snippets of the sound while recalling the events in fast succession and checks out the destroyed suite. He is wearing rubber hip waders and what appears to be a lizards tail.
   Dr. Gonzo is naked in the closet vomiting into his shoe when the maid comes in. He tackles her. He is wearing his robe and pajamas and vomiting on everything.
   Duke drives Gonzo to the airport at the last minute. On the drive to the airport they see Lucy crossing the street and slam on the brakes and start screaming and drive the other way.
   Duke pulls in behind a van when he drops Gonzo at the plane so they can't see him. He drives right up to the plane and waits while the doctor gets out.
   Duke recalls the encounter with the maid after he brings Gonzo to the airport. This is shown during Duke's time after waking up with the tape recorder wrapped around his face.
   Duke goes to the airport and drops off the whale, then boards a flight home. He drives the Whale back to LA.
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