What's the Difference between Ender's Game the Book and Ender's Game the Movie?

Science Fiction

Ender's Game

Released: 1985
Author: Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game

Released: 2013
Director: Gavin Hood
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Andrew "Ender" Wiggin
Andrew "Ender" Wiggin
Portrayed by: Asa Butterfield
fergus the poof
Portrayed by: fergus scoffern
Portrayed by: ur mum
Ender's Game Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Aliens are called Buggers Aliens are called Formics
   Ender eats pudding at lunch Ender eats a brownie at lunch
   Ender proves his dominance by killing those that bullied him including Stilson and Bonzo. He doesn't kill them.
   Ender starts the story as a 6 year old and at the end he is in his early teens. He is the same teenager through out the story.
   Ender hacks his chat feature on his desk to send the message, "Cover your butt. Bernard is watching. - God" He sends the message "Bernard is living proof that they still send chimps into space."
   Bernard is friends with Bonzo and is with him when Ender kills him in the shower. He is not seen after that. Bernard bullies Ender, but eventually he joins Ender's jeesh.
   Ender breaks Bernard's arm when they are on the shuttle to battle school which leads Bernard to bully him. This doesn't happen.
   Peter was the character Locke there were no "Locke" character
   Valentine was the character Demosthenes. there were no "Demosthenes" character
   There were major parts which focused on Peter and Valentines involvement with politics no talk/plot of politics between Peter and Valentine
   After having his monitor removed he fought a bigger boy and Ender killed him we never learn of the boys fate but he appeared mostly OK.
   Ender fought Bonzo at Battle School he killed him. Bonzo was hurt and had a brain injury but lived.
   Ender never played the boy (he ended up fighting) at school before his monitor was removed. Ender played the boy (he ended up fighting) at school before his monitor was removed.
   In Battle School there is an arcade where students play strategy games. Not ever a mention of an arcade at BattleSchool but it is where Ender spent time soon after his arrival at BattleSchool
   There are more than 1 battle room. there is only 1 battle room.
   When Ender originally cracked the code for sending messages anonlymously he did it in his dorm room We are left to assume Ender broke the code for sending messages in the classroom.
   Bean is not friends with Ender until after he comes to Dragon Platoon Bean becomes friends with Ender when they are launchies.
   Petra, Bean and the others are remote when fighting 'simulations' Petra, Bean and the others are not working beside (same room) Ender in the final 'simulations' in Command School.
   COmmand School took place at Eros which was a hollowed out asteroid Command School was on a Formic planet.
   Ender was smaller than everyone but Bean Ender seemed a normal size.
   Bonzo was accompanied by 6 students ( including Bernard). Bonzo was accompanied by 2 students.
   Ender breaks Bernards arm on the initial trip up to Battle School from Earth Nobody gets a broken arm.
   Ender cracks the internal messaging system and makes it seem like Bernard says "I love your butt, let me kiss it." Ender writes another message to defend Alai at the front of the classroom.
   Valentine is a readhead Valentine is a brunette
   Ender played the mind game/mind controlled game much longer before coming to the giant and the 2 choices Ender basically started at the Giant.
   Ender never mentions Bonzo to Valentine on the raft. Ender mentioned 'sitting with Bonzo' on the raft with Valentine after his return to Earth before command school
   Ender is part of Rat Army at one point. There is never any mention of Ender being part of Rat army
   Ender shoots his own legs during Battle Room sessions to help increase shooting accuracy ( and would also get others too as well) There is never any mention of a strategy where Ender would freeze his own legs to help shooting accuracy
   Formics are referred to as 'Buggers' There is never any mention of the Formics being called Buggers
   Ender trains many others and opens training to anyone who wanted it There is no mention of Ender opening up training to all people at Battle School
   Enders Army is worried about Bonzo attaching Ender so they guard him Ender is never guarded.
   Normal story progression a drastically sped up timeline
   There is no Formic Queen when Ender retrives the Formic Eggs There a Queen Formic on the base when Ender retrieves the last of the Formic eggs
   The major weapon is called 'Doctor Device' it is called 'Little Device'
   During Enders' 'training sessions' he used Doctor Device more than once he used 'Dr. Device' once
   All armies were made up of Toons (platoons). Ender was the first to have 5 toons. No mention of Toons ( army groupings..before Ender every Army used 4 toons of 5.
   Peter and Valentine Wiggin play a large roll in attempting to shape the world via the internet. They do not.
   It is finally revealed at the end of the story that Ender has been directing a real army against the buggers all along. This information is revealed to the viewer early on, although the children are still unaware.
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