What's the Difference between Eddie the Eagle; My Story the Book and Eddie the Eagle the Movie?


Eddie the Eagle; My Story

Released: 2016
Author: Eddie Edwards

Eddie the Eagle

Released: 2016
Director: Dexter Fletcher
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In the Book In the Movie
Eddie Edwards
Eddie Edwards
Portrayed by: Taron Egerton
Duncan Edwards
This Character does not appear.
Liz Edwards
This Character does not appear.
This Character does not appear.
Bronson Peary
Portrayed by: Hugh Jackman
This Character does not appear.
Warren Sharp
Portrayed by: Christopher Walken
Matti Nykanen
Matti Nykanen
Portrayed by: Edvin Endre
Eddie the Eagle Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The same day Eddie masters the 15 meter ramp he goes on to the 40 meter ramp which he finds to be not hard at all. He then decides to use the 70 meter ramp but Jay Rand tells him not to as he lacks experience. Eddie goes back to the 40 meter under the watchful eye of John Viskome who gives him valuable pointers. Eddie decides to use the 40 meter jump while Bronson Peary (fictional person) watches. Eddie crashes and badly injures himself, ending up in the hostipal with unspecified injuries.
   Eddie enters a Nodic Combined event in Lake Placid but is only able to do the downhill and jumping portion as he lack any cross country gear. Eddie is never shown entering a Nordic Combined event.
   Eddie goes to Switzerland to work and train. He trains on the 60 meter jump receiving lots of help and advice from others. Eddie only ever receives coaching and advice from a single person throughout the movie.
   During Eddie's first time on the 90 meter ramp in Switzerland he backs down and goes back to the 60 meter ramp. He later gets up the nerve to jump regularly from the 90 meter ramp. Eddie's first time on any 90 meter ramp is during the Calgary Olympics. This would never be allowed at the games.
   Eddie is the fortunate recipient of equipment from other friendly jumpers and is able to completely outfit himself due to their generous nature. Eddie is shown stealing equipment with his coach.
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