What's the Difference between Dune the Book and Dune the Movie?

Science Fiction


Released: 1965
Author: Frank Herbert


Released: 1984
Director: someone...
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Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides
Portrayed by: Kyle MacLachlan
Dune Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Bene Gesserits use seduction with their control over their mental and physical ability to become very advanced. They have regular hair. They are bald and use telepathy.
   Hand to hand combat is the way the wars are fought. They have Weirding Modules that use sound like a ray gun.
   The Mentats have regular eyebrows. They have thick bushy eyebrows.
   The Third-Stage Guild Navigator does not appear. Edric, the Guildsman does appear in later novels in the series. The Third-Stage Guild Navigator plays a role as an inteligent alien.
   Fremen stillsuit has a mask and hood that covers all but the eyes. Their faces are uncovered.
   Atreides Mentat Thufir Hawat is captured and poisioned. He is given a daily antidote that is hidden in his food so he will die if he attempts to escape. He knows he must take the antidote daily, and he gets it by milking a cat.
   Paul has no super powers. Paul has the ability to make it rain on the desert planet Arrakis.
   Paul Atreides is 14 years old in the beginning of the book and called small for his age. Paul is portrayed by the 25 year old 6 foot tall Kyle Maclachlan thoughout the movie.
   Paul ingests a single drop of the "water of life" while alone in his house. He is near death for three weeks while his mother stands guard over him to prevent other Fremen who believe he is dead from rendering down his body for its water. He recovers after Chani wets her fingers with the water and passes it by his nose. He awakens and gulps down more water. Paul walks out into the desert with Chani and drinks the "water of life". This causes Paul, Chani, his mother and various other Reverend Mothers to bleed from the nose and mouth.
   Feyd engages in arena combat to murder slaves and other prisoners to test poisons and for sport. He is nearly killed by an Atreides prisoner, but Feyd defeats him by using unfair means to poison the man. The prisoner manages to fall on his own blade before the poison can incapacitate him. This does not happen in the film.
   Feyd attempts to kill the Baron (his uncle) by hiding a poison needle in a boy's thigh. The needle is intended to kill the baron while he is raping the boy. This does not happen.
   The Baron Harkonnen is a homosexual, pedophile, rapist. He is just murderous and evil.
   After Feyd's assassination attempt on the Baron fails, he is ordered by the Baron to accompany him to the slave quarters where Feyd will strangle all of the women in the pleasure wing with his own hands while the Baron watches This does not happen.
   Duncan Idaho is killed early in the attack on the planet by the Baron's soldiers by a projectile that pierces his shield. He is killed in knife combat with Sardaukar while protecting, Paul, Jessica and Liet after they flee the Harkonnens.
   Paul and Chani have a child named Leto. Teh child dies during a raid by the Sardaukar just prior to the Fremen attacking the Emperor's stronghold in the city. No child for Paul and Chani.
   After Paul defeats Feyd in single combat, the Emperor demands that Count Fenring kill Paul in another duel. The Count refuses even though he knows he can kill a tired Paul. This does not happen.
   The lady Fenring seduces Feyd to get pregnant and produce a child for the Bene Gesserit's breeding program. She does not.
   Duke Leto sends a suicide squad to destroy the Baron's spice supply after taking control of Dune. He also hides his family's supply of nuclear weapons for later use. This does not happen.
   Paul destroys the wall protecting the city with nuclear weapons. The Gild protests that this will turn the other Houses against him. Paul brushes this protest aside by claiming he used nukes on the wall, not against people. Paul does not use nuclear weapons.
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