What's the Difference between Dear John the Book and Dear John the Movie?


Dear John

Released: 2006
Author: Nicholas Sparks

Dear John

Released: 2010
Director: Lasie Hallstram
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Channing Tatum
Portrayed by: Amanda Seyfried
Dear John Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   John visits Savannah in college where they have a giant fight did not happen
   In the changing scene when John sees Savannah changing her clothes he looks away. In the movie, she looks away.
   There are only two letters you can read - both from Savannah. There are many letters read back and forth.
   Savannah gave John a book about autism, regarding his dad.She already knew she wanted to be a special Ed teacher. She just mentioned it to John.
   John's father has a stroke and John finds him a caretaker, and when he finds the caretaker is doing a poor job, he puts him in a home. He flies home after finding out he has a stroke and then he dies.
   Tim is charismatic and cool. Tim seems sort of meek and wimpy.
   John and Savannah discussed having sex. It was very important to her. They just got it on.
   There was more fighting and warning of a break- up. The break-up seemed more out of the blue.
   He does not. Tim lives in the beach house next door.
   John is in the military. John is in special forces
   John does not help to build the house. He does help build the house.
   Savannah is a brunette. She is blond
   Tim has an autistic brother. Tim has an autistic son
   John is not shot. John is shot in the opening scene.
   The letter read at the beginning of the movie was not in the book. There is a letter read, to whom Yareli not sure.
   Tim has melanoma Tim has lymphoma
   Signed up for the military again without really thinking and intakes place away. He tells Savannah by letter. Had the weekend to think first. He basically decides at Savannah's parents house. He tells Savannah in person after a guest at the party talks about the war, and 911
   Jhn's dad is not taken to Savannah's parents house. He is.
   John mentions repeatedly that he thinks Tim loves Savannah. Not mentioned.
   John and his dad find the coin together so it has personal meaning. Coin is found at the ice cream truck and worth much money.
   Tim and Savannah grew up together and were the same age. Tim was never married, with no kids. Tim is the older, creepy neighbor who was once married.
   Tim and Savannah live in Tim's parents house after they die. In fact the car accident of his parents helped spur in their love. They live in Savannah's family home
   John is not with his father when he dies. He dies in a nursing home. He is there when his father dies, and it is in the hospital
   Tim does not die from his cancer. Tim dies from his cancer.
   They do not meet again. John watches Tim and Savannah's life together from a hill. They both look at the moon at the same time. Savannah is on her bike and parks on the street, seeing John in a coffee shop - they see each other and hug.
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