What's the Difference between Cujo the Book and Cujo the Movie?



Released: 1982
Author: Stephen King


Released: 1983
Director: Lewis Teague
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Deanna "Dee" Wallace
Portrayed by: Danny Pintauro
Cujo Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Donna gets rabies from when Cujo bites her. This isn't mentioned.
   Vic calls home from his trip but is unable to reach Donna. He calls the cops to check, and the do and find the house vandalized by Kemp. Vic then returns. Vic returns because his trip is over. He finds the vandalism when he returns.
   Brett and Charity Chambers appear throughout the story. Once they leave on their trip, they are not heard from again.
   Sharp Cereal which employs Vic has had a scare with kids getting sick. This has happened prior to the story happening. That is the reason Vic is leaving town to keep the account. The incident happens during the movie.
   Donna was having an affair with Steve Kemp, but breaks up with him. They do not have sex during the story. Donna is seen having sex with Steve prior to breaking up with him.
   After getting dumped Kemp vandalizes the Trenton house and then leaves town. He doesn't leave town.
   After getting dumped, Steve takes revenge by writing a letter to Vic letting him know about the affair. There is no letter. Vic sees the two together and figures it out for himself.
   After Donna kills Cujo she finds that Tad has died of dehydration in the backseat of the car. She is able to resuscitate him.
   Donna kills Cujo with the baseball bat. She beats him and thinks he is dead, but he comes back to life and jumps through the window and she shoots him dead with the sheriff's gun.
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