What's the Difference between Clear and Present Danger the Book and Clear and Present Danger the Movie?


Clear and Present Danger

Released: 1989
Author: Clancy, Tom

Clear and Present Danger

Released: 1994
Director: Noyce, Phillip
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Elizabeth Elliot
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Elizabeth Elliot
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Moira Wolfe
Moira Wolfeson
Arthur Moore
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Robby Jackson
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Clear and Present Danger Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The President is portrayed as bad at his job for having ordered the failed covert operation, but honorable enough to throw his re-election campaign in order to preserve the honor of those involved. The president is portrayed as a greedy and self-serving man who will do anything to stay in office.
   The movie takes place during the Cold War. The movie takes place after the Cold War.
   John Clark is on the ground to guide the missile to the drug kingpin's compound. John Clark is in a hotel room supervising from a distance.
   This doesn't happen. The President tries to bribe Jack to cover up the operation by promising to owe him any favor he needs in the future.
   When Jack breaks into Ritter's safe, he does it on his own late at night after most of his employees have gone home. Ritter never finds out that Ryan found the files. When Jack hacks Ritter's files, he does so during office hours with several of his employees beside him. Ritter realizes that Jack is printing his files, and the two confront each other.
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