What's the Difference between Clear and Present Danger the Book and Clear and Present Danger the Movie?


Clear and Present Danger

Released: 1989
Author: Clancy, Tom

Clear and Present Danger

Released: 1994
Director: Noyce, Phillip
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Elizabeth Elliot
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Elizabeth Elliot
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Clear and Present Danger Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Jack, Ritter, and Moore are all on cordial terms at the end of the book, although they all fear that they will lose their jobs thanks to the President-elect. Clark informs Cutter that Cutter is going to be arrested shortly. Unable to face that, Cutter commits suicide by throwing himself in front of traffic. Jack is still furious with Ritter and Cutter at the end of the book. There is no apparent punishment for any of them before Jack concludes the film by speaking to Congress.
   Moira is portrayed sympathetically. The book informs the reader that she had lost her husband and had been lonely for a long time. The office secretly knows she has a relationship with Cortez (not knowing he's a spy for the Cartel) but they silently approve of it, feeling that she deserved to be happy again. Dan Murray tells Moira that Cortez was a professional liar and smarter people than she had been fooled by him. Moira is portrayed as a bit of a ditz. Her relationship with Cortez appears to be just physical. The office knows about her fling but it is implied that it is one of many.
   Cortez is captured before he has the chance to overtly betray Escobedo. Cortez's treachery is revealed by a tape recording Ryan plays for Escobedo.
   Escobedo is returned to Colombia by US troops where he will likely be killed by rival cartel members who believe he was out to sabotage them. Cortez is arrested and imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. Escobedo is shot by one of Cortez's men; Cortez is shot by Clark.
   As revealed in the Hunt for Red October, Jim Greer's first deployment was to the South Pacific the day after the Japanese surrender in WWII, thus preventing him from serving in combat in that war. The President notes during Jim Greer's funeral that he served "in the battlefields of the South Pacific."
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