What's the Difference between Catching Fire the Book and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire the Movie?

Science Fiction

Catching Fire

Released: 2009
Author: Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Released: 2013
Director: Francis Lawrence
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In the Book In the Movie
Katniss Everdeen
Katniss Everdeen
Portrayed by: Jennifer Lawrence
Peeta Mellark
Peeta Mellark
Portrayed by: Josh Hutcherson
Madge Undersee
This Character does not appear.
Fgt man
Fgt man
Portrayed by: Spoodarman Williams
The polar bear assassin
The polar bear assassin
Portrayed by: Spock
Haymitch Abernathy
Haymitch Abernathy
Portrayed by: Woody Harrelson
This Character does not appear.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Peeta does not know how to swim. He does.
   Katniss find two refugees living in the woods named Bonnie and Twill. They tell her about the existence of District 13. Katniss doesn't meet Bonnie and Twill.
   Darius is a peacekeeper who has his tongue cut out. He doesn't exist.
   Katniss injures her ankle whilst climbing over the District fence. She makes the excuse to some Peacekeepers that she slipped on some ice. Peeta and her grow closer as he nurses her back to health. Katniss does not climb the fence, or injure her ankle.
   Plutarch Heavensbee has a mocking jay watch. He doesn't.
   Katniss is suspicion of Heavensbee. She isn't.
   Darius is an Avox after defending Gale. He is a servant to Katniss at the capitol. He doesn't appear at all.
   Katniss has a photo shoot at District 12 for her upcoming wedding to Peeta. This doesn't happen.
   Katniss wants to start an uprising against the capitol. She doesn't want to lead an uprising, although she is interested in the unrest.
   This doesn't happen. The mocking jay is used as a sign of unrest. Katniss and Peeta see it spray painted on a tunnel.
   Snow has no family. His granddaughter is shown to be a big fan of Katniss.
   Katniss talks about her nightmares that stem from her time in the Hunger games. She has Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. She shoots a turkey with an arrow but sees halucinates that she shot a tribute.
   Snow tells Katniss that he knows about her kissing Gale. He shows her a video of the kiss to prove he knows.
   Katniss and Gale share one kiss several weeks after she returns from the games, and never again. They before she leaves for the victory tour.
   Katniss tries to prepare remarks for her stop in District 11 but she can't get the words right. She speaks at the last minute and delivers heart felt comments. Effie gives them cards of what to say, and Peeta says he will do it, but in the end she speaks up and talks to them.
   This doesn't happen. Haymitch gives Katniss a hug after they witness an execution in District 11.
   Plutarch Heavensbee talks to Katniss when they first meet, but they don't talk about Seneca Crane. He tells her how he died.
   Katniss says that Snow's breath smells like blood and roses. She never says what his breath smells like.
   This doesn't happen. Snow spits blood into his champagne glass.
   Plutarch's plans are not revealed until the end. He is seen telling President Snow that he should take action against the districts and broadcast the beatings and executions with Katniss and Peeta's wedding plans to cast doubt on them as a symbol of the revolution.
   The Quarter Quell's rules were defined in a sealed envelope when the games were first established. Plutarch Heavensbee is the one who suggests the change to the games so Katniss can be killed in the games instead of being executed by Snow.
   Katniss gets drunk with Haymitch after finding out she will return to the games. She has a hangover the next day. She only asks for a drink, and she never appears drunk or hungover.
   Cray's fate is unkown. New Peacekeepers arrive and but a bag over Cray's head and drag him away.
   Gale is whipped because he tried to sell a poached Turkey to Cray but the new Head Peacekeeper was there instead. Gale tackles the new Peacekeeper at the Hob to stop him from beating someone with his baton. He is whipped as punishment.
   A young Peacekeeper named Darius tries to help Gale and keep him from being whipped. He is knocked out and later has his tongue cut out and is converted into an Avox. He doesn't appear.
   Commander Thread makes sure the fence is electrified in District 12. This doesn't happen.
   Katniss has to climb a tall tree to get over the electric fence and ends up breaking her heel and bruises her tailbone in the fall. She doesn't.
   Katniss and Peeta watch Haymitch's win in the Hunger Games while doing research. They don't see any footage of his win.
   District 3's tribute Beetee's last name is unknown. Caesar Flickerman says the name Beetee Letea.
   Mags can speak, but she rarely does and Katniss doesn't understand her. She cannot speak at all.
   Katniss learns how to make fire with a flint and steel. Other tributes take note and try to learn. She sees them trying to make fire with a bow drill. She offers them advice on how to make fire better.
   Katniss doesn't know what Peeta did for the Gamemasters when she goes in. The gamemasters seem dsiturbed, the room has been disinfected, and a mat is covering something on the floor. She learns later of the painting he made of Rue. She sees him walking out with the painting still on the ground for her to see.
   Johanna Mason calmly mentions her anger at the Gamemasters for the changes in the rules. She is very angry and uses the F word in her interview while yelling.
   Venia, Flavius, and Octavia all say goodbye to Katniss. They are not shown saying goodbye.
   Peeta can't swim and is unable to kill anyone during the opening of the arena. Peeta can swim and fights a trubute from District 5 and kills him in the water.
   Katniss takes a while to remember the object she receives is called a spile and what it is used for. She recognizes it instantly and uses it to get fresh water from the tree.
   Chaff dies on the third day of the games. He dies on the second day.
   6 parachutes are sent to Katniss, Peeta and their allies. They only receive one.
   Bread rolls are sent to the Tributes as a code that some understand. No bread is sent to the Tributes.
   The mayor's daughter brings the Morphine for Gale after he is lashed. Prim gets it.
   Katniss asks Peeta to run away with her before she sees Gale being lashed. She is with Gale before he is lashed. She never asks Peeta to run away. She asks Gale to run into the woods with her after the Quarter Quell is announced.
   Katniss' injured foot forces her to spend the winter in bed. Peeta spends a lot of time with her. She doesn't break her foot.
   Katniss struggles with her feelings between Peeta and Gale before the Games. She doesn't think about Peeta like that at all until after the games have started.
   The victors have to develop a talent to showcase curing the victory tour. Peeta's is painting. Katniss doesn't have one, so they pretend it's fashion design. This doesn't happen.
   Bonnie and Twill have a piece of bread with a Mockingjay imprinted on it as it is a symbol of the rebellion. They don't appear at all and bread is never shown with any markings.
   Peeta and Katniss have a day before the games start where they picnic and relax together on the roof. This doesn't happen.
   Peeta tells Katniss that he has nightmares too. His nightmare is that he loses her, and when he wakes up and see that she is there he is okay. He comforts her when she has nightmares but doesn't mention having any himself.
   Gale and Katniss have an awkward relationship since she has won the Hunger games. The relationship is as strong as it was before she left.
   Katniss attends a party for the end of the victory tour at the Mayor's house in District 12. She sees an alert about an uprising in district 3. There is no party at the mayor's and she doesn't find out about the uprisings.
   Gales's mother comes to the house when he has been lashed. She later becomes Haymitch's housekeeper. She never appears at all.
   Several weeks after the new peacekeepers arrive and whip Gale, they destroy the Hob and shut down all illegal trade. It is during the burning of the Hob that Gale is taken and whipped.
   After Peeta reveals the locket to Katniss containing the pictures of her mother, sister and Gale she kisses him to make him stop talking. It turns into a passionate makeout session. There is no passionate kissing.
   When the games start, Peeta just stands on his platform because he can't swim. After Finnick and Katniss get weapons, he returns and gets Peeta and guides him to land. Peeta can swim and fights another tribute under water and kills him. He can gets to the land on his own.
   The poison fog causes serious damage that lasts for quite some time. They get some relief from the water and Haymitch eventually sends them ointment that helps but they struggle with it for most of the time. They simply wash off the blisters in the water and are totally fine right away.
   Katniss learned to swim at her father's abandoned cabin in the woods. She returns their often. She already knows how to swim and never visits the cabin.
   Katniss visits her old house in District 12 while living at the victor's village. She only lives in the village and never visits home.
   Katniss shoots objects that are thrown into the air at the training facility. She shoots computer generated attackers that are made out of shining gold blocks.
   No one in District 12 can swim, because there is no water. This isn't mentioned, but both Katniss and Peeta have no problem swimming.
   Katniss and Buttercup hate each other. They seem fine.
   The Everdeen family has a book that contains medicinal herbs and edible plants. Peeta draws some additions that Katniss adds after the first Hunger Games. Peeta never draws in the book.
   Peeta says that Haymitch and Katniss need to get in shape before the games this doesn't happen
   Peeta has blue eyes.(commented on as "those blue eyes that no amount of make-up can make truly deadly") He does not have blue eyes
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