What's the Difference between Vision Quest the Book and Vision Quest the Movie?


Vision Quest

Released: 1980
Author: Davis, Terry

Vision Quest

Released: 1985
Director: Becker, Harold
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In the Book In the Movie
Louden Swain
Louden Swain
Portrayed by: Matthew Modine
Portrayed by: Linda Fiorentino
Gene Tanneran
Mr. Tanneran
Portrayed by: Harold Sylvester
Kuchera (Kuch)
Kuchera (Kuch)
Portrayed by: Michael Schoeffling
Louden's Dad
Louden's Dad
Portrayed by: Ronny Cox
Coach Rata
Portrayed by: Charles Hallahan
Jean-Pierre Baldosier
Portrayed by: Forest Whitaker
Otto Lafte
Portrayed by: Gary Kasper
Gary Shute
Brian Shute
Portrayed by: Frank Jasper
Portrayed by: J. C. Quinn
Thurston Reilly (paper editor)
Margie Epstein
Portrayed by: Daphne Zuniga
Cindy Callus (Mr. Louden's gf)
This Character does not appear.
Vision Quest Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   At the start of the book Carla has been living with Louden and his dad for over a year. She has a job and is staying in Spokane long term. Carla is 19 years old when she moves in. Louden and his dad meet Carla at the beginning of the movie. She is older.
   Carla is in a stable, loving, long term relationship with Louden. He is always kind to her. Carla is only staying with the Swains until her car is fixed and she can move on to San Francisco. He tries to force himself on her one time, Carla hits him in the face.
   Carla, Louden's dad, his girlfriend, his mother and her new husband are at the match to watch him wrestle Shute. Louden's dad, grandfather and Emlo are with Carla to watch the meet.
   On the trip to visit Louden's grandfather, Louden and Carla camp near the road at night. Carla and Louden have sex for the first time in the tent. Louden keeps a Luger pistol handy for self-defense. When he accidentally hits a doe with the truck, Carla is cut on the arm when she tries to pet it. Louden kills the injured doe with the pistol. Louden and Carla have sex for the sex time in a field near the grandfather's house. Nothing about a deer or carrying a pistol.
   Louden and Shute are friendly towards each other. Louden has seen Shute wrestling in person and on film. Shute is not friendly and tries to intimidate Louden. Louden attends a meet and is shocked at how soundly Shute defeats his opponent.
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