What's the Difference between The Time Traveler's Wife the Book and The Time Traveler's Wife the Movie?


The Time Traveler's Wife

Released: 2003
Author: Audrey Niffenegger

The Time Traveler's Wife

Released: 2009
Director: Robert Schwentke
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In the Book In the Movie
Henry DeTamble
Henry DeTamble
Portrayed by: Eric Bana
Clare Abshire
Clare Abshire
Portrayed by: Rachel McAdams
The Time Traveler's Wife Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Henry's first trip through time occurs when he is five years old. He returns to the museum he visited earlier in the day. His 24 year old self is there to act as a tour guide. The first time it happens he is six. It is when his mother is killed. This happens in the book, but it is not the first time he travels. Older Henry is there.
   When Henry travels the second time his mother is killed in the car he vanished from. He reappears outside the car and is alone. This is the first time he travels, and his older self is there to try and console his younger confused self.
   Clare and Henry share their fist kiss when Clare is 15 after having a fight. Henry appears again a few times before they are reunited in the present. They have their first kiss when she is 18 and it is also the last time they see each other before meeting in the present two years later.
   Henry has a relationship with Ingrid Carmichel. He dumps her after meeting Clare. She eventually kills herself. Clare finds her lipstick in Henry's bathroom, and Henry lets her know it is over. Clare finds the lipstick, but no mention is made of the owner or what happened to her.
   When they first meet in the present, Clare gives Henry her diary which contains the dates of all their meetings. Clare writes the dates in her diary, and shows them to Henry when they meet in the present. She does not give him the diary and gets upset when she finds him reading it later.
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