What's the Difference between The Prestige the Book and The Prestige the Movie?


The Prestige

Released: 1995
Author: Christopher Priest

The Prestige

Released: 2006
Director: Christopher Nolan
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In the Book In the Movie
Rupert "Robbie" Angier
Robert Angier
Portrayed by: Hugh Jackman
Alfred Borden
Alfred Borden
Portrayed by: Christian Bale
The Prestige Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Angier and Borden clash in the dark during the course of a fraudulent seance and become enemies. Angier and Borden both work for Milton the Magician. Angier's wife is killed during an illusion and Angier blames Borden for using a difficult knot. They become enemies after that.
   Angier uses Tesla's machine to create a new act called "In a Flash" He calls his act "The Real Transported Man"
   Borden attempts to discover Angier's secret for In a Flash. He turns off the machine during the teleportation which results in the two Angiers. Borden tries to discover the secret to The Real Transported Man, and watches beneath the stage as Angier falls through a trap door and into a tank of water. As Angier is drowning, Borden attempts to save him, but fails. He is arrested, tried and convicted of Borden's murder. He is hanged.
   Cutter convinces Angier that the Bordens are identical twins. Later, Angier investigates the birth records and discovers that there is no record of a twin. (Albert has a brother, Freddy, who is 2 years younger, but a photo shows that they look nothing alike, having different builds and facial features. This is revealed to have been doctored, and that they had planned their trick from an early age. Angier does not discover the fact that the Borden's are twins until after Albert is hung for his murder. Then Freddy comes to try and kill Angier and reveals the secret.
   An incomplete transfer occurs after Borden turns the machine off in mid-teleport. Most of Angier stays behind, but a small mass (he is viewed as a ghostly image) is teleported. There are two distinct minds (with similar memories) with very different bodies. Every time Angier is transported there are two living versions of him.
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