What's the Difference between The Help the Book and The Help the Movie?


The Help

Released: 2009
Author: Kathryn Stockett

The Help

Released: 2011
Director: Tate Taylor
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In the Book In the Movie
Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan
Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan
Portrayed by: Emma Stone
Hilly Holbrook
Hilly Holbrook
Portrayed by: Bryce Howard
Aibileen Clark
Aibileen Clark
Portrayed by: Viola Davis
Minny Jackson
Minny Jackson
Portrayed by: Octavia Spencer
Cecilia Foote
Cecilia Foote
Portrayed by: Jessica Chastain
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Minny had been fired from 19 previous jobs because of her "Sass" mouth. She only loses the job with Hilly. Her previous employment isn't mentioned.
   Skeeter leaves her satchel at the league house. It contains the pamphlet regarding the laws of Mississippi about Colored people. It also has the interviews Skeeter has been working on with the maids as well as Hilly's bathroom initiative. Hilly calls Skeeter to tell her that she has it with her at her house. Skeeter gets her mother to drive to Hilly's house immediately so she can retrieve it. When she gets it back she realizes Hilly has removed the Jim Crow law pamphlet. The satchel is opened with the bathroom initiative indicating that Hilly has seen the note Skeeter wrote wondering if there is any difference between the Jim Crow law and Hilly's initiative. Hilly comments that the Stuart's father is close with a senator who was against Old Miss being desegregated. At the baby shower for Elizabeth, Hilly notices the Jim Crow pamphlet in Skeeter's satchel. She finds Skeeter questioning her new maid about being interviewed. Hilly says that Skeeter should be careful because there are real racists in the community who could cause her some real trouble.
   Skeeter's mother is sick and gets test done. She eventually discovers that she has cancer. Skeeter's mother is sick from the moment we see her.
   After Hilly returns Skeeter's satchel, she and her circle start to distance themselves from Skeeter. This doesn't happen.
   The L shaped crack on the table is covered with a table cloth. The L shaped crack on the table is covered with a salad.
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